Bazaarvoices company values act as its moral compass. Learn more!

Bazaarvoice's company values act as its moral compass. Learn more!

 May 09, 2022

Considered working for Bazaarvoice?

Bazaarvoice brings a people-first approach to advanced technology, connecting thousands of brands and retailers to the voices of their customers. The company is fueled by data and powered by authentic voices.

The company values of Bazaarvoice act as its moral compass, guiding how employees interact with each other - and with the company's customers, partners, and the world.

Committed to strong values

The Bazaarvoice Code of Conduct outlines the company’s ethical and compliance standards for conducting business throughout the world. It also serves as a guide for employees when they face dilemmas where the right choice is not clear. Its code is grounded in its core values. They are ingrained in the company's culture and serve as the foundation for the behaviors expected from all of its employees.

Its team is constantly pursuing goals, innovating and experimenting, and putting customers first. Bazaarvoice believes transparency and trust accelerate its collective performance, benefiting not only its team, but its clients and their customers as well.

The Bazaarvoice Executive Team includes some of the most knowledgeable and innovative executives in the industry. Under the Executive Team’s skillful leadership and guidance of its core values, Bazaarvoice continues to grow and thrive.

Customer is key

Bazaarvoice Customer is key

Bazaarvoice sees its own success through its customers’ outcomes.

The company approaches every situation with a customer-first mindset.

Passionate pursuit of performance

Bazaarvoice Passionate pursuit of performance

Bazaarvoice's energy is contagious, because it hires for passion, drive, and curiosity.

It loves what it does, making the company laser-focused on its mission.

Transparency and integrity build trust

Bazaarvoice Transparency and integrity build trust

It believes in the power of authentic feedback. It’s in the company's DNA.

Bazaarvoice does the right thing when faced with hard choices. Transparency and trust accelerate its collective performance.

Innovation over imitation

Bazaarvoice Innovation over imitation

The company seeks to innovate as it is not content with the status quo.

It embraces agility and experimentation as an advantage.

Stronger together

Bazaarvoice Stronger together

Bazaarvoice employees bring their whole selves to the mission and find value in diverse perspectives.

The company champions what’s best for Bazaarvoice before individuals or teams. As a stronger company, it builds a stronger community.

Work for an employer with a strong commitment to its values

Bazaarvoice welcomes all backgrounds, unique personalities, and is a champion for inclusivity for all in its hiring process and its culture.

Discover the exciting career opportunities with Bazaarvoice.


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