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WTWs Ritu Batheja shares her experience as a woman returner

WTW's Ritu Batheja shares her experience as a woman returner

 May 11, 2022

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WTW has an extraordinary range of career opportunities for professional development and career growth, depending on individual needs and interests; and recognition of those who go above and beyond in demonstrating its values or delivering outstanding work. 

Ritu Batheja is an IT Systems & Architecture Manager at WTW. As a woman returner, Ritu she shares her experience of returning to work after a career break.

Taking a career break 

WTW Rita Batheju

Discussing her career journey, Ritu explains what led her to take a break.

"Born in Mumbai, my parents raised my two sisters and me in a modest home. I am married to a wonderful supporting husband and have a naughty two-year-old. Before taking a break, I worked as a manager and had 12 years of experience in the technology space," she says. 

"I took a career break in 2020 when my daughter was born. I wanted to dedicate enough time to care for her through her initial years of life and felt that wouldn’t be possible with a full-time job."

When asked whether the decision to leave was difficult, and her motivation to return, Ritu said, "Yes, it was a difficult choice as I was a hardworking professional who aspired to build a very successful career in technology and always voluntarily picked up complicated coding modules to work on. After some time into my break, I missed that side of my life and was motivated to reconnect with the professional world again."

An understanding interview process 

Ritu shares about her journey back into work, the challenges she experienced, and how WTW supported her through the transition. 

"I started my job search towards the end of my maternity break. Companies were hesitant assuming I wouldn’t be able to go that extra mile or stretch beyond regular hours with a newborn but WTW was different," she explains.

"The interview was very conversational and candid. I was honest about my situation and the interviewers were fully understanding and supportive. Sometimes, all you need is a chance to prove your potential and WTW gave me just that! It took a little while to adjust to getting back to work and spending time away from my child but WTW supported me through this transition both personally and professionally."

A supportive employer

"My colleagues and manager understand that work is important, but family is too," explains Ritu. "They are extremely supportive and have a rational mindset. Whenever I have needed time off, I have always been honest, and my team has had my back."

"The flexibility of being able to work from home has added so much more room to watch my daughter grow up. I get to see my daughter as she wanders off into my office space every now and then!"

A colleague-centric environment

Ritu shares her experience of the WTW culture: "From my time spent here, the first thing that comes to mind is the colleague-centric environment. From everyday conversations to the bigger initiatives the company takes; it shows that people here care about their peers and the company cares deeply about its colleagues."

Offering advice to someone considering a career with WTW, Ritu says, "Change can be scary sometimes. But most changes stop being scary as soon you take that first step. So, if you think that the change will eventually make you happy, then go take that first step!

"I have always believed that it’s the value you add to the organization that truly makes a difference and WTW gives you that opportunity to build and prove your potential through the work you do."

WTW is a prime employer for women

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