Capgemini report outlines diversity and innovation efforts

Capgemini report outlines diversity and innovation efforts

 May 19, 2022

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Capgemini publishes its Integrated Annual Report showcasing how the company strives to build a unique, diverse, inclusive, and engaged community of employees. 

Capgemini's report also demonstrates concrete examples of how the company mobilizes innovation expertise to build a positive future for its clients, society, and the planet.

Prioritizing Capgemini talent

The report emphasizes how Capgemini makes its talent a priority. 

For example, Capgemini Chief Human Resources Officer Anne Lebel explains how learning is at the heart of Capgemini's people agenda. "We launched our learning platform in 2020 and it has been going strong ever since. Today, more than 95% of our people use it regularly," she says.

Diversity sees a strong focus at Capgemini. Chief Executive Officer Aiman Ezzat shares how diversity creates value for the company, making it more "innovative and rich". 

"So it's a real conviction we're working with, rather than doing it just because it sounds good," he comments.

Implementing impactful innovations

The report also highlights Capgemini's innovations, working with companies such as Vodafone and Volvo to make a positive impact on people and the planet. These are all possible because of the company's innovation ecosystem, an extensive networking of innovation centers, labs, designs studios, centers of expertise, and a venture capital fund. 

Outlining Capgemini's ESG indicators, the report reveals how the company is a responsible leader that pioneers the benefits of digital transformation - for example, accelerating the transition to net zero and leading with trust and transparency.

Work for a diverse and innovative company 

From advancing the digital consumer experience and transforming enterprise efficiency, to accelerating intelligent industry, Capgemini employees help clients create the sustainable, inclusive future everyone wants and needs.

Be part of this exciting future and choose a rewarding and purposeful career with Capgemini.


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