Look towards John Deere for an exciting construction career

Look towards John Deere for an exciting construction career

 May 19, 2022

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Looking for a career in construction?

More women are working in construction than ever before - and their collective impact is reshaping the industry. From the jobsite to the board room, women are thriving in a variety of roles, and opening the construction industry’s eyes to an untapped pool of potential workers.

There are plenty of opportunities in the agricultural industry, and John Deere is empowering women to take up these job roles.

Meet the female construction experts changing the industry for the better.

Getting involved on site

These women don't like to sit behind desks - they prefer to be outside, to get involved, to get dirty.

They like to be in the scenes, on the site, in the truck.

Don't be intimidated 

"Don't be intimidated by anybody," is their advice to other women looking to work in agricultural construction. 

A strong work ethic

These women are passionate about their work ethic - when they say they're going to do something, they try and do it really well.

Don't be afraid 

For women thinking about going into the industry - they say "do it. Jump in with both feet. Don't be afraid to make a splash."

Looking to forge a career in agriculture?

Deere & Company is a world leader in providing advanced products and services and is committed to the success of customers whose work is linked to the land - those who cultivate, harvest, transform, enrich and build upon the land to meet the world's dramatically increasing need for food, fuel, shelter and infrastructure.

Since 1837, John Deere has delivered innovative products of superior quality built on a tradition of integrity - so be part of this leading company and join the many talented women delivering solutions to support rural customers.

Search the latest job vacancies across the world with John Deere.


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