Medtronics Disha Mishra shares her career advice for future interns

Medtronic's Disha Mishra shares her career advice for future interns

 May 23, 2022

There are many pathways to a career at Medtronic, such as the company's Summer Internship Program.

Disha Mishra, a graduate from John Hopkins University, interned at Medtronic and now works for the company full-time. She is working towards a career in integrating technology and healthcare.

Gaining hands-on experience 

As an engineering intern, Disha gained valuable hands-on experience at Medtronic that contributed to the company's work in healthcare.

Disha analyzed over 400 production labels and revised over 15 label non-conformances, saving $50K by preventing production back orders. Disha continues to work on the project to lead and finish out the final step of the corrective and preventative action (CAPA).

Disha also composed a risk management plan to outline various inputs to be utilized in risk assessments for the mitigation and management of hazards throughout the development of the new project as part of a required design history file deliverable

Finally, Disha worked with cross-functional teams to triage and assess new complaints in released products, and completed training to gain knowledge of several IEC and ISO standards

Sharing advice to interns

Disha encourages future Medtronic interns to take advantage of the "incredible" work they will be involved in at Medtronic. 

"Talk to fellow interns, and learn from your managers to really tailor this experience to your goals," says Disha. "Good luck!"

Discover your potential at Medtronic

Join Medtronic in one of its rewarding student opportunities, and help the company achieve its mission to alleviate pain, restore health and extend life for patients around the world.

Interested in playing a part in transforming the future of healthcare?

Learn more about the student opportunities available with Medtronic and applyu for a relevant career opportunity.


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