Theramex Marketing Director Ana Vidal discusses her career focus

Theramex Marketing Director Ana Vidal discusses her career focus

 May 25, 2022

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As a company dedicated to women's health, Theramex takes a top-down approach to its mission, employing talented women leaders to deliver its purpose.

One such leader is Ana Vidal, Director of Marketing at Theramex, who was interviewed by media source La Razón about the company's work to promote and support women's health.

Understanding the needs and agility of clients is key

When asked about her position at Theramex, Ana commented: "I'm a Biologist with a Bachelor of Science and Technology of food training. I was drawn to Marketing 16 years ago. I was always involved in commercial departments where you have contact with customers and sales; something essential for me when taking on a new position. Abbott, now AbbVie, is where I started to feel passionate about my current profession; which I have continued to develop in large companies such as Sandoz (Novartis) and Astrazeneca where I have undoubtedly established myself in my Marketing role, with more confidence, vision and leadership. Currently, I perform the role of Marketing Director of Theramex with the main challenge of carrying out projects that add value to our clients for which understanding their needs and agility are the key pillars, of course, always thinking of the great beneficiaries of our broad and solid portfolio, which are undoubtedly women." 

Listening, empathy and constructive feedback are critical

"A good leader must have a strategic mindset, think long term and certainly motivate and influence their teams. For this, listening, empathy and constructive feedback are critical, which is so difficult to give and receive, but which is so necessary to contribute to professional development. Society is becoming more accustomed to a model led by women, less hierarchical and authoritarian, which makes it possible to transmit the security and trust that all employees need. Our vision is focused on the field of women's health, providing innovative and effective solutions that care for and support women at all stages of their lives. I am convinced that the commitment to female talent will continue to increase as it has in recent years, an example of which is that 40% of Theramex Iberia's management committee is made up of women which is, without a doubt, a very encouraging figure that demonstrates the gender equality in the sector," said Ana. 

Making a considerable impact

"The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a moment of great media impact, especially at a social and political level. Covid-19 has made us consider the importance of health, taking care of ourselves and living in the moment. Our impact is based on SDGs 3 and 5 of the UN 2030 Agenda, with our daily work on women's health, well-being and equality. At this point, pharmaceutical companies have had the opportunity to publicize the daily work we carry out, bringing the population closer to the fact that, behind each product, there is a great human team; developing not only innovative treatments based on long R&D processes, but also differential projects that accompany patients throughout their journey. At Theramex Iberia we are carrying out a digital transformation process to adapt the company to the new challenges presented by society. This project will give us the opportunity to adapt our actions to a more sustainable environment, such as changing the impacts we make as a pharmaceutical company to an omnichannel environment," explained Ana.

When asked whether women and men have different health needs, Ana suggested: "They are not exactly different health needs, but pathologies associated more with men or women, and the studies were designed along these lines. We believe that women need to be empowered to make informed decisions about how to manage natural cycles and life stages."

Theramex work to promote wellness and equity in women's health

Marketing Director Theramex

"Theramex has helped millions of women around the world lead better lives. We continue to work to create effective, patient-centered solutions that help women of all ages. Our sole purpose is to serve the health needs of women around the world, not only now but also in the future, so that they can live a better life. We work closely with our partners, healthcare professionals and patients to provide women with the right solution when they need it most," said Ana.

"Undoubtedly, the early identification of symptoms, a correct and timely diagnosis, together with personalized treatment and correct monitoring are the elements of personalized medicine for women. The aim is for women to be active agents in dealing with their own disease, taking part in clinical decisions and improving their experience and health outcomes. It is true that much remains to be done, but from the point of view of women's health, it is critical to raise awareness about certain pathologies such as menopause or osteoporosis. In order to be able to talk about it in an open and natural way, without it being perceived by society as a taboo, thus guaranteeing that all women receive the appropriate treatment, which ultimately allows them to improve their quality of life, regardless of age," she commented.

Theramex women

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