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Meet the WTW 50 over Fifty award winners

Meet the WTW '50 over Fifty' award winners

 May 31, 2022

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WTW female thought leaders are recognised on the 50 over Fifty list with Client Service Executive Helen Stark, Head of Sales Lynne Norledge, and Operations Manager Wendy Beckett being celebrated. 

"We hosted the Fifty over 50 exhibition to celebrate women’s incredible contribution to the UK insurance industry. Congratulations to all finalists including our own Helen Stark, Wendy Beckett and Lynne Norledge and everyone who made this event so special," said WTW.

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"Congratulations to Helen, Lynne and Wendy for their '50 over fifty’ nominations. Naturally, we’re ecstatic to see women at WTW being celebrated, especially when these awards help to create a more age inclusive industry," WTW congratulated.

Celebrating the contribution of women over 50 

Addressing the intersectionality between gender and ageism, the 50 over Fifty list aims to celebrate the contribution of women over 50 years of age through sharing their workplace experiences and insights. The list helps encourage the UK insurance industry to become more age inclusive. 

Inspired by the Mother Works, Corporate Queer and 56 Black Men photography series, the organization photographed 50 women over fifty from across the UK insurance industry with a view to exhibiting the images and biographies.

WTW is an age-inclusive employer 

Working for an inclusive employer opens up many exciting opportunities, regardless of age.  

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