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Pride Month sees HCL reconfirm commitment to equality & inclusion

Pride Month sees HCL reconfirm commitment to equality & inclusion

 June 06, 2022

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HCL Technologies (HCL) has made a public statement for Pride Month, reconfirming its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

"HCL Technologies stands for an unbiased and inclusive work environment regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. So, take pride in your unique identity and move forward every day," says the company.

Diversity drives innovation at HCL

HCL Technologies diversity

HCL understands that a diverse and inclusive work culture makes for a stronger enterprise. HCL's strength lies in its ability to come together as one. The company believes equality and mutual respect must prevail. This belief helps HCL excel as an organization, because diverse voices and cultures bring fresh perspectives that strengthen its ability to make decisions and draw insights.

Pride Month 2021 saw CEO & MD, C Vijayakumar, sign a pledge with CEO Action. With this pledge, HCL committed to doubling efforts to cultivate an environment where all ideas are welcome, and all employees are empowered. CEO Action advocates for a safe environment for employees of diverse backgrounds. It is the largest CEO-led organization of this nature, with close to 2,000 signatories committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

This pledge is a commitment to make HCL a torchbearer for equality in the workplace. HCL is doing this by encouraging meaningful conversations, spreading awareness on unconscious biases and prejudices, helping other organizations enhance their diversity strategies, and creating enterprise-wide strategic diversity plans.

“Diversity is the most sustainable driver of innovation and a primary genome of resilience. It is no surprise, therefore, that teams and organizations with a higher degree of diversity and inclusion almost always outperform those without them. At HCL, this has been one of our core guiding principles as a team, and a cultural differentiator that we are most proud of," says C Vijayakumar.

Be your authentic self at work at HCL

HCL's DNA of innovation and its tradition of creating customer value by going far beyond what is expected, is enabled due to its employees coming from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures.

Bring your unique contribution to HCL.

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