Medtronic celebrates belonging throughout Pride Month

Medtronic celebrates belonging throughout Pride Month

 June 13, 2022

Medtronic is Celebrating Belonging by fostering a culture where everyone feels they belong, are respected, and are valued for who they are. Each of its 90,000+ employees makes the inclusive environment a reality.

In celebrating Pride Month, Medtronic applauds the extraordinary achievements of colleagues like Cristin Sheridan [pictured above] a Clinical Specialist Manager, Edith Gonzalez an Employee Relations Manager, and Rhonda Staneart a Medtronic employee within the company's Pride network.

An unwavering commitment to greater change

Networks and groups foster belonging for employees and support initiatives for a more inclusive Medtronic. The company's Diversity Networks and Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help model inclusion and diversity and, through unique partnerships and volunteer efforts, help amplify Medtronic's impact in communities.

No matter a person’s background, each group is empowering change and presenting opportunities to learn, reflect, and act. In this culture of belonging, employees come together as mentors, advocates, and allies to drive the company and its communities toward a more equitable future.

Creating a culture of LGBTQ+ belonging

Medtronic knows that when its leaders and employees bring their authentic selves to work, and learn from each other’s different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, they help accelerate the delivery of the company's Mission, both locally and globally.

"For me, the presence of Employee Resource Groups like PRIDE energize me because it means that I work for an organization that values everyone, that acknowledges identity and individuality and believes that these differences are our strength," says Cristin.

Encouraging others to think differently

Medtronic culture of LGBTQ+ belonging

Medtronic Employee Relations Manager, Edith Gonzalez, encourages others to think differently and become allies.

Medtronic believes that when people from different cultures, genders, and points of view come together, innovation is the result — and everyone wins. Medtronic walks the walk, creating an inclusive culture where its people can thrive.

Brilliant ideas can come from anywhere

Medtronic Pride

Rhonda Staneart says no one should be made to feel small, and enjoys working for a company that celebrates diversity with ideas coming form anyone who can drive innovation.

Inspired to lead the way with Medtronic?

Medtronic is proud to celebrate the uniqueness of everyone and support their journey to be their true selves.

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