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For womens engineering day we meet Arcadis women engineers

For women's engineering day we meet Arcadis women engineers

 June 13, 2022

At Arcadis, employees work in teams, large and small, on projects that shape the lives of millions. It’s a place where people can shape their future. Where they have the opportunity to transform their world.

International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) provides an important opportunity to highlight and celebrate the work of women engineers worldwide.

Here, we shine the spotlight on inspiring Arcadis women engineers making their mark with the company. 

Meet Arcadis Assistant Engineer, Amy Carter

Arcadis Amy Carter

Amy Carter is an Assistant Engineer in the Water Management & Resilience team at Arcadis. She primarily focuses on three types of assets - canals, rivers & reservoirs - but her work can include all kinds of structures associated with those assets: from reservoir embankments to canal towpaths, historic locks and aqueducts to river weirs and fish passes.

Meet Arcadis Engineer & Vice President, Jackie Saling

Jackie Saling Arcadis

Discussing her decision to join Arcadis, Jackie explains: "As I was leaving the interview, I thought to myself, ‘Wow. There are literally people who work for this company who write textbooks on what I like to do. I will never ever run out of people to learn from here.’ And that has been true throughout my career here. No matter what I have done at Arcadis, I have just continued to learn so much from my colleagues.”

Meet Arcadis Associate Project Manager, Nicola Telcik

Nicola Telcik, Associate Project Manager

Nicola is a Chartered Professional Engineer with over twenty years’ experience, primarily in the successful delivery of multi-disciplinary infrastructure projects. Nicola is also the President of the UK Chapter for Engineers Australia, a global home for engineering professionals renowned as leaders in shaping a sustainable world.

Meet Arcadis Senior Engineer, Chrysa Gotsopoulou

Arcadis Chrysa Gotsopoulou

As part of her role, Chrysa helps produce a range of engineering solutions related to the design of new roads, cycleways, footways or improvements of existing infrastructure.

Chrysa chose to work for Arcadis due to its impressive reputation in focusing on innovation and sustainability and in taking care of its workforce.

Meet Arcadis Senior Technical Director of Highways, Elena Vrabie

Arcadis Elena Vrabie

Elena explains: “Perceptions of our industry can be very male, and construction based. However, engineering is not just construction, it involves conceptual development and design, planning and management; the key is finding the right job for the right person.”

Meet Arcadis Environmental Coordinator, Julia Saito Di Tullio

Arcadis Julia Saito Di Tullio

"With all of the work I do, my goal is to create real impact in society. People out there are facing problems that we can’t even image. This really motivates me to continue doing my job well,” explains Julia. 

Meet Arcadis Senior Electrical Engineer, Geetha Kiranmayee Sathi

Working for Arcadis has given Geetha an opportunity to be involved in many high-profile rail projects, such as Paddington Bakerloo Line Link, Jeddah Metro Stations, Barking Riverside Extension Station, Neasden Depot and many more. These projects have broadened her experience and helped Geetha to develop technical and managerial skills.

Join these successful women as a female engineer at Arcadis

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