Schneider Electric Chief Marketing Officer Chris Leong is influential

Schneider Electric Chief Marketing Officer Chris Leong is influential

 June 27, 2022

Schneider Electric Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chris Leong, is named in Forbes' World’s Most Influential CMOs List. It’ i the third time Chris has received this recognition for the great work she does.

Chris is an Influential Chief Marketing Officer

Chris' role as CMO with Schneider Electric started in 2016, and she is continuing to help lead the 186-year-old company’s digital transformation and energy transition, where it has gained a reputation among investors as an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standout.

Chris describes Schneider Electric as a digital partner helping drive their business-to-business (B2B) customers’ increasing sustainability goals, as “the world’s largest invisible brand, always working hard behind the scenes to contribute toward the world’s top brands on their sustainability ambitions.”

"A shout-out to all the amazing Schneider Electric marketers, passionately driving marketing magic every day and supporting the sustainability journey of industries around the world. Thank you!," says Chris.

CMO's recognized for influencing the industry

For the list, Forbes analysed billions of data points across 14 indicators, in three major areas of brand and CMO performance, personal impact on brand awareness, brand performance indicators, and industry and internal influence, each measured by distinct data sources. Sprinklr measured brand performance using its Benchmarking platform, a part of its overarching Modern Research Product Suite, to aggregate more than 2.5 billion brand-related social media shares, likes, retweets and comments.

Sprinklr’s Insights Listening platform also analysed the personal influence of CMOs based on an aggregate of more than 260,000 news, blog, Web and Twitter mentions about and/or from eligible CMOs. LinkedIn measured industry and internal influence by analysing more than five million profile views along with nearly 600,000 LinkedIn engagements.

The 50 CMOs recognized as the world’s most influential are collectively marketing, representing and influencing thousands of brands across categories and industries. The CMOs on the list are influencing the character and destiny of the industry, and oft the world itself, as surely as their own brands.

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