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HCLs First Careers is a best-in-class skill-based training program

HCL's 'First Careers' is a best-in-class skill-based training program

 July 20, 2022

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"Keep moving. Keep dreaming," says HCL Technologies.

HCL's First Careers is a careers program to unlock a first job with HCL Technologies, offering an assured career after graduation.

Technical training with practical skills development

HCL Technologies First Careers

The program is aimed at fresher graduates looking to begin a global career in technology and IT services. The First Careers program trains them with the practical skills needed to be successful in their first job.

"Never stop dreaming, never stop moving," says HCL Technologies. "So whenever you get a chance to do an internship, take it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a true professional. 

Paid or unpaid, a well-structured internship at a good organisation lets you hone your professional skills and make a headstart towards a successful career," the company continued. 

Benefit from both education and experience 

HCL Technologies First Careers

HCL's short term professional courses go beyond training – as they open viable career options that accelerate professional growth in the IT industry right after graduation.

Students successfully complete the HCL First Careers training program are employed at HCL Technologies.

HCL Technology First Careers

HCL First Careers training program provides practical skills needed to be successful. This includes both technical and personality development skills.

Learn from experienced professionals about how to develop personally and professionally, and how to be successful. Training goes beyond theory and focuses on practical application for all-round success.

HCL First Careers

Start a rewarding career with HCL Technologies 

HCL Technologies First Careers offer accelerated professional growth and job assurance. 

Want to kickstart a successful career with a rewarding company?


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