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HCL Technologies promotes diversity all year round

HCL Technologies promotes diversity all year round

 July 27, 2022

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HCL Technologies marks diversity, not only during European Diversity Month, but all year round. 

European Diversity Month brings together organizations across the EU for a common goal: to promote diversity in the workplace and throughout society. The focus is on encouraging organisations to build partnerships with NGOs, governmental institutions, other companies, cities, or civil society to work together on diversity topics.

HCL Technologies is committed to celebrating its people by celebrating their voices. It is building bridges with 157 nationalities, across 52 counties, and with over 209,000 Ideapreneurs throughout the year. The company knows that diversity and inclusion means embracing and encompassing identities, and that diversity wins when everyone is included.

Below we hear from HCL employees who have shared their thoughts on the importance of diversity in the workplace.

What does diversity mean to you?

"To me diversity means appreciating, including and actively celebrating the differences amongst us," says Cameron Brown in the United Kingdom.

"Being your own kind of beautiful, being your own kind of person, and being so imaginative and creative. Just unleashing everything out there towards everything and to the whole world to see," comments Anca Rotberg in Romania.

Why is diversity key?

"Diversity benefits organizations at all levels. Studies show that groups that are diverse in gender, in race, in age, perform better and at the end make good decisions, and that's good for the business," explains Pedro Oliveira in Portugal.

"I understand in the listening to others means that you can learn from each other. If you can learn from each other, you can then formulate different view points, and you can collaborate and achieve something completely out of your comfort zone," says Diana Ireland in United Kingdom.

"I believe inclusion is to make employees thrive in our organization and to attract and retain the best talent," comments Charlotte Serrat in France.

"Diversity and inclusion are essential for building happy and engaged employees. There is this direct link to the employees' wellbeing. It is how we create the opportunities to be successful, accepted, and valued in the workplace," explains Iva Petrova in Bulgaria.

"Inclusive organizations produce better leaders and a diverse team is the best kind of challenge for a new manager," says Pedro.

How does HCL Technologies manage and celebrate diversity?

"We have developed those social norms that value our differences and make us feel safe and welcomed. Our leaders are emotionally committed and actively challenge themselves to ensure synergy," comments Iva.

"We are implementing tools such as Globe Smart, they have the i success portal, that's training around cultural biases and how to address cultural biases in your teams," explains Diana.

"HCL employs people from the full spectrum. By actively engaging employees like me, who have self-identified and expressed interest in living out loud, I believe HCL has made great progress in fostering a more inclusive environment for my colleagues from backgrounds and countries that have not always been so open and accepting," says Cameron.

Building a more inclusive society

HCL Technologies EU Diversity Month

The European Commission aims to shine a spotlight on the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in society by organizing events and activities. It seeks for organizations to build bridges between the different aspects of diversity and make sure that policies and activities are more intersectional. The European Commission invites organizations in Europe, whether a signatory of a Diversity Charter or not, to take a stand for diversity and act on it. This can be done by organizing internal and external events focusing on diversity and inclusion topics, presenting diversity policies, organizing virtual or hybrid awareness raising workshops or running a social media campaigns.

"Societies are complex and require constant management to reduce polarization and conflict, while promoting a sense of community. Workplaces are no different. Good human relations need to be fostered, while division and discrimination must be addressed promptly. These conditions lead to the building of strong teams able to work towards common goals," comments EU Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli. "Diversity management at the workplace must be one of the main human resources priorities for any employer on Europe. This is because when employees are valued for who they are, they are committed to their job and fully employ their talents and creativity. I invite all companies and organisations in Europe, whether a signatory of a Diversity Charter or otherwise, to join the European Commission in celebrating the EU Diversity Month...by organizing their own events to put the spotlight on the benefits of inclusive work environments," says Helena.

Listen to HCL's video featuring employee perspectives on diversity and inclusion.

Forge a successful career with an employer advocating for a diverse workplace

HCL Technologies believes diversity in the workplace is an asset for both businesses and employees, in its capacity to foster innovation, creativity, and empathy.

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