Medtronics Dr. Jennifer McVean is passionate about her work

Medtronic's Dr. Jennifer McVean is passionate about her work

 August 08, 2022

As Medical Affairs Director of Medtronic Diabetes, Dr. Jennifer McVean is focused on one thing: providing people with technology that puts life in the foreground and diabetes in the background – especially for children.

Dr. Jennifer McVean works in an area she is truly passionate about as she helps address the evolution of diabetes care.

Technology that puts life in the foreground, diabetes in the background

Medtronic Dr Jennifer McVean

A lot has changed since Jennifer was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as a child 34 years ago. Now, the pediatric endocrinologist and Medical Affairs Director at Medtronic is committed to the evolution of diabetes care.

Jennifer provides medical expertise and strategic guidance from her lens as a pediatric endocrinologist – and to do it, she has to “wear a lot of different hats.”

A day in her life includes everything from clinical research, and evidence development to product design, marketing, commercial strategies, and education.

But for Jennifer, it all boils down to one thing: providing people with technology that puts life in the foreground and diabetes in the background – especially for children.

Fourteen years after seeing her first patient, she shifted her focus from treating patients to fundamentally changing how we think about diabetes. 

As a pediatric endocrinologist who missed out on some of her own childhood activities because of type 1 diabetes, Jennifer thinks about the impact the evolution of care will have on children.

“It’s not having to take the time out during sports to deal with diabetes or sit on the sideline and be the one that's different. That's the worst as a kid,” she says. “Even if you're totally comfortable with your diabetes, no one wants to be different.”

For that alone, Jennifer is grateful for each advancement. “The goal of automated insulin delivery systems is to make living with diabetes as easy as it could possibly be,” attests Jennifer.

Read more about Jennifer's work here.

Helping kids forget they have diabetes

Medtronic Dr Jennifer McVean

Hear Jennifer McVean MD, discuss her work at Medtronic’s diabetes business in an engaging podcast. Jennifer shares how a devastating childhood diagnosis started her on her mission to help people with diabetes, and how she used that inspiration to push her through medical school and a career in treating children. 

Hear why Jennifer enjoys using her skills and experience at Medtronic and is and grateful for the company's technology.

Listen to the podcast.

Focus on improving health worldwide at Medtronic

A career at Medtronic is not only exciting, but rewarding and purposeful. 

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