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WTW Director Soumya Kurup drives innovative tech initiatives

WTW Director Soumya Kurup drives innovative tech initiatives

 August 10, 2022

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WTW Director of Technology Program Management Soumya Kurup shares what it means to be a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry, and how she has been empowered throughout her 20-year journey.

Driving innovative technology initiatives in India

As a technology leader at WTW, Soumya is responsible for driving innovative technology initiatives in India and bringing a seamless digital journey across the organization.

"My focus is to build, manage, and guide various teams focused on software engineering, application development, program delivery, testing, data, and analytics. I partner with technology leaders and product owners in India and other geographies on projects from inception to completion, to ensure success and deliver great outcomes," explains Soumya.

Forging an impressive journey in the tech industry

WTW Soumya Kurup - Tech

Soumya started her journey just like any other aspiring techie – one among many who were fascinated by its magic. "As I moved ahead, I realized that many women were giving up on their careers too soon because they did not have enough support from their peers. Over the years, I have been presented with many equal opportunities. However, in the early days of my career, achieving certain goals as a woman seemed difficult due to a lack of inclusivity in the workplace," explains Soumya. "Since noticing this, I have always raised my voice and stood strong for what I believe in; to ensure a feeling of security and a sense of belonging for all. My past experiences are what make me so proud of the welcoming and inclusive culture at WTW. Unlike my previous employers, these values are embedded in everything we do. I believe that without supportive environments, organizations risk the loss of potential leaders."

Empowered to make the right choices

"WTW has been like a cup of freshly brewed coffee. In the last two years, I have been empowered to make the right choices for myself and my team, leading to better service delivery. The trust my team has offered and the support I have received from my peers and leaders have helped bring out the best in me," says Soumya.  

"The culture of collaboration, equal opportunities, and inclusivity has made me comfortable to request help when needed and ask questions. I consider myself fortunate to work for an organization that has such a great culture, and this has helped me broaden my thought process."

A positive and supportive work environment

"Our team is driven by the One WTW principle – When you get one of us, you get all of us," explains Soumya.

"We strive to break down barriers, advocate idea sharing and best practices, and motivate ourselves and each other to build capabilities for better business outcomes. WTW’s culture, reinforced by its values and principles, enables us to be as diverse yet as unified as possible. We advocate for a positive and supportive work environment that brings out the best in us and fosters an innovative and digital outlook."

Take risks, fail fast, learn, and recover

"Technology is like magic! It’s in everything that we do. So those who aspire to be in this industry will experience this magic firsthand. I urge all technology aspirants to have faith in themselves, take risks, fail fast, learn, and recover. You will always have a choice to go with the flow or try and make a positive difference. Your choices will help to build a world that will be relevant for us and future generations," Soumya concludes. 

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