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Listen to Arcadis Director Natalie Sauber discuss all things hydrogen

Listen to Arcadis Director Natalie Sauber discuss all things hydrogen

 August 11, 2022

Do a quick search across the internet, and you'll likely find many hundreds of sustainability-focused jobs. Appetite is swiftly increasing amongst candidates for working in roles that can help forge a positive impact on the planet.  

Now, many of us may have likely heard about hydrogen and its potential to be used as an alternative energy source, but why is it only now being taken seriously? As the world acknowledges the urgency to shift to renewable energy to meet net zero goals, is this the time for hydrogen to be truly utilized?

An interesting topic indeed! In a hugely interesting podcast episode featuring by Arcadis Future Mobility Director Natalie Sauber, we hear about all things hydrogen - the good, the bad and the future of the most abundant element in the universe.

How will it impact our everyday lives; where is it being used currently; what myths need busting, and most importantly do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Discussing hydrogen and the challenges ahead

Arcadis Natalia Sauber

Natalie is joined by fellow guests and industry leaders, Octopus Hydrogen CEO and Founder, William Rowe, and Northern Gas Networks Senior Strategy Manager, Mark Danter, as they discuss hydrogen and the challenges that lie ahead.

"We see that hydrogen is essential to meeting Britain's net zero carbon goals by 2050. It's not solely responsible for it, but it's definitely amongst many other things, whether that's renewable energy, electricity, solar, wind, it's part of it," explains Natalie. 

Furthermore, Arcadis Market Intelligence Lead for Construction, Agnieszka Krzyzaniak, provides some really great insight into hydrogen via an article titled Exploring our hydrogen future: Does it live up to the hype?

Plus take a look at the kind of job vacancies Arcadis offers in this area - like Design & Engineering roles, and more. "Become part of a leading engineering company that is committed to accelerate the transition to a carbon neutral power and hydrogen energy system..." states Arcadis.

Expert opinions on latest city trends

Arcadis director Natalie Sauber

The Long Story Short: The Future Cities podcast from Arcadis UK explores what lies ahead for cities and the people who live, work, move, and play in them.

Arcadis takes the big issues facing people in the UK and condense them in to short, snappy conversations where experts give their opinions on the latest trends that will influence the quality of life of people across the country.

So listen to episode 15 with Natalie Sauber, plus catch up with past episodes for some really great insight - especially if considering applying for a job with Arcadis.

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