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Woman returner,  Ana Cristessa Nabuab is a WTW QA Analyst

Woman returner, Ana Cristessa Nabuab is a WTW QA Analyst

 August 23, 2022

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Finding a great role following a career break is a key objective for many women.

Here, WTW Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst Ana Cristessa Nabuab shares her experience on joining WTW after a seven-year career break.

Ana Cristessa Nabuab is a Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst for the Global Document Production Team, supporting Health and Benefits for North America. She is based in Manila in The Philippines. After almost seven years into her career break and being a full-time mom, Ana decided to get back into employment.

"With a grateful heart, I am delighted to be starting my (new) role at WTW as their new Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst! I am but so thankful for this wonderful opportunity!" says Ana in a social media post.

"WTW welcomed me with open arms and made me feel as though there had been no gap at all. I joined WTW as a contingent worker in September 2021 and was converted to a full-time colleague in December of the same year," comments Ana.

To return to employment after a career break was quite overwhelming for Ana. "I had a lot of excitement and anxiety: it was definitely a rollercoaster of emotions!" 

"I was a full-time mom for almost seven years and deciding to return to the corporate world was a real leap of faith for me, especially with not knowing what to expect and my fear of rejection," adds Ana.

Ana spent a long time looking for the perfect role, but then she received a phone call from WTW that made her heart jump, and she was offered a job as a QA Analyst.

"I enjoyed my time being a contingent worker. However, being converted to a full-time colleague meant achieving another career milestone for me. Since joining, WTW has supported me in many ways. As a result, I have regained my self-confidence, eliminating all the fears that I had when I stepped back in to work," explains Ana.

Feeling welcomed and supported by colleagues

Ana's colleagues at WTW welcomed her warmly and she was given all the support she needed as she was onboarded, complete with all the things that she needed to know about the company and the job role.

Additionally, there was a series of programs provided that embedded WTW’s company values — this really resonated with Ana, not only as a WTW colleague, but also as an individual. These programs assured Ana that there were a lot of opportunities for growth and development and that WTW is a great company to work for.

Working as a team at WTW

Ana shares that her favorite part of working at WTW is the teamwork and collaboration. "It has also made me realize that some things are much easier to accomplish when working as a team. I was shy at first, full of apprehension about myself; but in our team I am encouraged to speak out, participate and step out of my comfort zone. Everyone is encouraged to share their input and insight for every project. Day after day, I am encouraged to overcome my fears and be the best I can be," attests Ana.

"When I joined WTW, I was only able to meet my team virtually, but it was really fun, and it was great to be given the opportunity to work with a very hands-on, productive approach to tasks. As times are changing, I look forward to continuing to work and develop as a team in real life," she adds.

An inclusive and diverse working environment

"The mere fact that I was given the chance to restart my career without judgment and was welcomed with open arms despite my long employment gap (which can be an issue for some companies), really gave me a sense of belonging. It gave me confidence that here at WTW, I am respected and valued, regardless of my age, my gender, my roles outside of work, or where I come from," Ana explains.

"At WTW our teams are very diverse, allowing us to familiarize ourselves with many different cultures and to connect with colleagues all around the globe; I do not see or feel any biases at all. Here at WTW, our presence is more defined by our potential, what we can do and what we can contribute. For me, our diversity is what makes WTW a great place to work."

Living up to company values

At WTW, there are many different personalities and perspectives, yet WTW values guide colleagues to reach goals and deliver quality output for clients.

"Through collaboration and teamwork, we inspire each other to bring out the best ideas for every project assigned to us. Our work is fuelled with respect because we are encouraged to share and listen proactively. We are also provided with opportunities for professional development for us to always strive and commit to excellence because we value our clients’ trust, more than anything," comments Ana.

"What I appreciate the most about being a WTW colleague is that the company values the importance of work-life balance. I feel like I am able to separate my personal time and work with great encouragement from my superiors. We always look out for each other. Because of this, it makes me proud to be a part of WTW," she concludes.

WTW is a prime employer for women

WTW uses its know-how, experience and global reach to tackle challenges and fuel potential. Whether employees are working with the company's clients or behind the scenes, there are many opportunities for talented, experienced professionals to further their careers.

WTW believes building a diverse workforce that leverages everyone's best thinking and efforts will be the key to sustaining its competitive advantage, today and in the future.

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