Colt discusses its Gender Pay Gap report and key achievements

Colt discusses its Gender Pay Gap report and key achievements

 October 25, 2022

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As well as being the right thing to do, there are clear benefits to a more gender balanced workforce and this has been a key part of Colt Technology Services Inclusion & Diversity strategy for a number of years. Colt wants its talented women to thrive at work because a gender balanced workforce benefits everyone.

Reflecting on progress

The release of the company's 2021 Gender Pay Gap report is an opportunity for Colt Technology Services to reflect on progress. While its gender pay gap is narrowing, the company has more to do and this is a continuous commitment.

Colt Technology Services knows it’s important to involve everyone in driving an inclusive culture – from its leaders and people managers to every individual contributor. This is why it has threaded inclusion through its employee values and has introduced Conscious Inclusion as mandatory training. Colt's current focus is on embedding inclusion into its ways of working across the full employee experience.

Embedding inclusion into Colt's ways of working

Colt Technology Services has a clear action plan in place with collaboration at its centre. Engaging the wider industry and beyond is essential and invaluable in this journey, where it needs to see and experience tangible change. For example, the initiatives the company is running with its technology partners and the work Colt is doing as part of the TM Forum Diversity & Inclusion Council, to launch the industry’s first Inclusion Diversity Score as an industry key performance indicator.

Keri Gilder, Chief Executive Officer, says: "Our current focus is on embedding inclusion into our ways of working across the full employee experience, from hiring great female talent to supporting progression."

Higher female representation 

Colt Technology Services' improvement in the mean pay gap results is due to better female representation overall and higher female representation in the upper middle quartile and the upper quartile.

Gender Pay Gap report items Colt is proud of:

  • Introduced target to increase females in senior roles
  • Network 25 (Colt's women’s network) continued to provide inspiring talks and networking sessions on a range of topics
  • 50 women benefited from Colt's Network 25 one-to- many mentoring circles initiative
  • Launched Embrace Your Best - Colt's follow up to Best Brave Self, a programme by women for women
  • Piloted an initiative for high performing women with Cambridge Judge Business School
  • Introduced guidelines for employees and managers on how to support a colleague experiencing menopause symptoms at work
  • Re-launched its business-wide Respect at Work training to all employees
  • Introduced hybrid working pilot and training and awareness to support new ways of working
  • Continued to work with Women@Tech on joint initiatives with Amazon, BT, Box, Expedia, Google and Salesforce
  • Continued to support charities such as TechSheCan and the Girls Network, as well as Dress for Success

A collaborative approach 

‘‘Inclusion and Diversity is a topic I’m truly passionate about. We have an incredibly collaborative approach at Colt with commitment right from the top and our inclusion networks being central to the agenda company-wide. We are committed to driving lasting change by embedding inclusion as part of our culture and actively working to ensure a diverse workforce across our global footprint," explains Catherine Leaver, Chief People Officer.

Colt Technology Services works towards a gender balance workforce 

Colt Technology Services is an equal opportunity employer. 

Being passionate about inclusion and diversity, the company has a collaborative approach. 

Join them and embark on a career in an equality-focused workplace. 


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