Bazaarvoice truly understands and fully embraces neurodiversity

Bazaarvoice truly understands and fully embraces neurodiversity

 August 30, 2022

The presence of neurodiverse people in work teams can provide great benefit.

Neurodiversity, or ND, refers to variations in the human brain and cognition, for instance in sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions.

Bazaarvoice actively supports a neurodiverse community, and the company shines a light on the challenges and strengths of unique cognitive functioning. As such, one of the company's Employee-led Resource Groups (ERGs) is called Uniquely Wired and is instrumental in fostering community, inclusion, and a sense of belonging for all neurodiverse employees.

Uniquely Wired envisions Bazaarvoice as a place where neurodiversity is understood and embraced.

A kick-off event to better understand neurodiversity

Bazaarvoice Uniquely Wired ERG

Uniquely Wired hosted its very first kick-off event, with more than 300 employees in attendance - with a focus on understanding and embracing neurodiversity.

Whether employees identify as a community member or an ally, there are many ways to get involved, learn about, and support the incredibly diverse cultures and communities found across Bazaarvoice.

Bazaarvoice ERG Uniquely Wired event

Bazaarvoice is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Bazaarvoice is committed to taking action to create meaningful change for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).

The company stands behind its convictions with actions and commitment, creating an environment that provokes curiosity, shifts mindsets, and encourages people to take initiative.

Bazaarvoice employees bring their whole selves to the company's mission, and they find value in diverse perspectives.

Many communities of support across Bazaarvoice 

Bazaarvoice has many Employee-led Resource Groups. Learn about them below.

  • Caregiver’s Space - Bazaarvoice's Caregiver’s Space is a group that cares about caregivers. Its mission is to provide a platform of support for its Bazaarvoice community who care for a dependent, elderly, or special needs person.

    “Knowing that we can share the truth about our lives within a working environment is unprecedented. Each one of us has a unique situation at home, and having a space to share makes us feel more comfortable and complete on a daily basis. It ultimately makes Bazaarvoice an even better place to work," says Nat Meetze and April Campos, Members of Caregiver's Space.

  • La Familia - Through La Familia, Bazaarvoice is creating a safe community for its Hispanic and Latinx employees from all backgrounds to connect and grow both personally and professionally.

    “Bringing the La Familia ERG to life has been such an exciting undertaking for our leadership team! This group has been instrumental in bringing our Hispanic or Latinx employees, from all backgrounds, together and giving them both a familiar and safe community in which to connect and grow both personally and professionally. For me, as a third generation Mexican American, it’s been an invaluable place for me to celebrate my culture and learn about others and I know our membership feels the same," explains Mackenzie Wayne, Member of La Familia.
  • EmpowerHER!EmpowerHER! empowers anyone who identifies as a woman to grow and thrive in their career with Bazaarvoice and in any aspect of their personal and professional life.
    "Some days you need a gut check. Some days you need to talk to someone who has had similar experiences as you. Sometimes you just need the advice and encouragement of someone who understands what it is like to be a woman in a corporate world. The EmpowerHER! ERG has provided all this support and more. Never in my career have I experienced the connection and sisterhood that EmpowerHER! offers," comments Amy Degner, Member of EmpowerHER!.

  • B:You - B:You's mission is to foster a safe and inclusive workplace, to celebrate unique differences, and to promote awareness and understanding of the issues facing the LGBTQ+ community.

    B:You is a safe place for LGBTQ+ people and allies to get together and truly be themselves in a judgment free environment. It’s a place where we can support the issues that truly matter to us. It’s a chance to help the company be better at celebrating the awesome diversity of our teams. It’s a chance to really be our authentic selves at work, and it’s a place to laugh and share with some great people. Seeing the support we’ve received from our executives has helped us feel safer being ourselves at work, and being part of a global ERG makes us feel more represented and connected," explains Simon Byrne and Taylor Hertsenberg, Members of B:You.

  • Asians and Allies in MotionAsians and Allies in Motion's aim is to provide an inclusive, just, and equitable space for professional and personal development for anyone that identifies as Asian, and their allies.

    "Asians and Allies in Motion is a community of BVers who identify as Asian and those looking to support. Knowing that we have a space dedicated to our needs makes me feel safe and understood. This is the first time I’ve felt this way at a workplace,” says Jenni Tai, Member of Asians and Allies in Motion.  


  • Melanin Project - By bringing awareness to Black history, educating on the challenges that affect the Black community, and celebrating Black culture, Melanin Project supports those who identify as Black and aims to pave the way for its community to become stronger allies.

Join a company that seeks and values diversity

Bazaarvoice welcomes all backgrounds, unique personalities, and is a champion for inclusivity for all in its hiring process and its culture.

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