Women are thriving through DXC Technology internships

Women are thriving through DXC Technology internships

 September 12, 2022

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DXC Technology (DXC) provides many early career pathways for talent all over the world.

As a part of the company's India Human Resources Management (HRMT) Program, DXC trained 16 MBA HR students from some of the top institutes in India.

The talented women interns share their experience of their two-month DXC internship experience.

Thinking creatively and inquisitively 

For Kashish Ohri [pictured above], joining DXC India has been a "great opportunity" because her industry knowledge has enhanced over time.

Throughout her internship, Kashish has designed the Human Resources Self Service (HRSS) catalog as part of her project. This encouraged Kashish to "think creatively about diverse aspects".

"My advice to future candidates is to simply come with an open and inquisitive mind to learn from the best experts in the industry and give your best to whatever project you are working on," adds Kashish.

Interacting with company and industry leaders

DXC internship

DXC India has providedintern Sreya Geejo a new perspective.

"The Hybrid Virtual Employee Engagement project gave me the chance to interact with the torchbearers of and leads at DXC as well as other major organizations in the Indian IT sector," says Sreya.

Encouraged to go the extra mile to achieve success

DXC female intern

Intern Debdyuti Negi describes her journey from dentist to HR professional as a "joy ride".

Debdyuti finds DXC's company culture "amazing" and working on different projects tackling real-life organizational problems has helped expand Debdyuti's knowledge "beyond the book".

"My leaders have always motivated me to go the extra mile and achieve success," explains Debdyuti.

Assigned challenging  and meaningful projects

DXC Technology internship job

Everyone at DXC India has warmly welcomed intern Sowjanya Kandi. Sowjanya works on "meaningful and challenging" projects, which makes Sowjanya want to put her "best foot forward".

"Thank you DXC for making my first corporate experience a memorable one," adds Sowjanya.

Start your career journey at DXC 

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