Leader Heather Robinson is on her third career with John Deere

Leader Heather Robinson is on her third career with John Deere

 September 14, 2022

Solving problems and getting to the heart of things and figuring out how to fix what’s broken is what makes Heather Robinson tick.

Heather is the General Manager for John Deere-owned Waratah Attachments. 

Here, Heather shares more about her work with John Deere and why she enjoys working for the company. 

Seeing the big picture

Heather is a very optimistic, curious, and driven woman who has seen a varied career pathway. 

It has been a long and winding road for Heather, who is on her third career during her time at Deere.

Heather started out in the accounting/finance arena, then moved to John Deere's Construction & Forestry Sales & Marketing, and now runs a Forestry business for the company, Waratah Attachments.

Heather is responsible for distribution and in-field product support for the world’s leading forestry harvesting and processing head manufacturer.

"It's like being the CEO of a small global business without having to worry about the back-office stuff like making payroll and IT infrastructure," explains Heather.

Working across cultures as her team is scattered over the globe, the company has locations in four different countries and covers over 100.

"I see the bigger picture," says Heather. "A big part of my job is being able to step back and look at our business as a whole and make decisions in that context. I also know what I’m good at and know when to lean on others for their expertise. I'm also willing to take risks."

Many exciting career experiences

When asked about a favorite project she has worked, Heather says: "This is a tough question since I’ve gotten to do so many cool things during my career at Deere. If I had to pick one project, it would be establishing a brand-new Construction & Forestry dealer channel in emerging markets like Russia, China, Brazil and SE Asia."

A varied career with lots of support

Heather truly enjoys working with the people at the company. "Say what you want about “Midwest nice”, there are some really good things about it. We have a culture where people are willing to step up and help others. Also, the opportunities are brilliant. I can’t think of many companies where a person could have three very different and successful careers without ever leaving the company. "

A strong female pipeline

When asked how industry can get more women into roles like hers, Heather suggests: "I think having an example of a woman capably doing this role is a great first step. The organization sees talented women performing well, and women see the possibilities. Also, making sure we have women in the pipeline who are getting experience with customers and dealers is key."

Heather suggests women need to be willing to take risks and to step outside their comfort zone. "Be confident. Own your career path," says Heather.

Enjoying her downtime

Heather enjoys spending time with her husband and their fur babies, three Rottweilers and two cats. "I enjoy anything outdoors such as gardening, hiking, four-wheeling, going for walks, and paddle boarding. Even if I’m just reading my book, I’m happiest when I’m outside. I also do yoga and Pilates, and I read - I’m literally never without a book in progress on my Kindle," smiles Heather.

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