DXC Technology leads the way in remote working options

DXC Technology leads the way in remote working options

 September 21, 2022

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Looking for a company that offers 100% remote working?

At DXC Technology remote work redefines the way people work, it leverages the best technology, and provides employees with an engaging environment that helps drive productivity and satisfaction.

DXC Technology believes that physical presence in office is not necessary to drive collaboration.

Speaking to HR Katha, DXC Technology India VP & HR Head, Lokendra Sethi, shares some views on how the company is embracing the new normal. "Our talent quotient has increased since we have adopted a virtual-first model at DXC Technology."

Changing the norm to virtual working

DXC Technology Virtual Workplace

DXC Technology decided to work remotely in March 2020, the firm has hired more than 30,000 employees virtually to date, and all hiring has been done virtually.

“We do not need to be in office to drive collaboration,” says Lokendra. Even during pre-pandemic days, people working from different offices and locations collaborated virtually at DXC.

This also means that now the company has no boundaries to attract talent. The best of talent can be hired from any part of the country without any geographical constraints.

Acknowledging that a major challenge to the culture shift to virtual was mindset, Lokendra explains: “We organised various sensitisation sessions to train our leaders to manage people in a remote environment and evaluate performance without really interacting with them physically in the office."

Additionally, the women’s leadership development programme at DXC Technology, SheLeads, is a 100 per cent virtual programme, and a major success. "Our ability to train and scale training programmes has really gone up since we moved to a virtual-first model,” explains Lokendra. 

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Enjoy remote working at DXC Technology 

DXC Technology people live in more than 70 countries, speak multiple languages and work with customers on almost every continent.

Fancy embarking on a new career in a virtual workplace culture?

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