EIB Groups Shiva Dustdar speaks at global womens conference

EIB Group's Shiva Dustdar speaks at global women's conference

 September 21, 2022

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The European Investment Bank Group (EIB) employs impressive women, and one such woman is Shiva Dustdar, Director & Head of EIB Institute.

Shiva has spoken at the 2022 Global WIN Conference via an engaging Plenary Session Pioneering Leaders with Vision.

The conference theme is Inspiring Women Worldwide Through Inclusion, Joy and Regeneration.

Providing inspiration, context, tools and knowledge

Women's International Networking (WIN) hosts the event and is a leadership organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland . It was founded in 1997 in Milan by Norwegian social entrepreneur and pioneer, Kristin Engvig. Kirstin brought a revolutionary new way to the world of business by integrating holistic perspectives, aesthetics, joy, and nurturing values. 

The WIN Conference provides inspiration, context, tools, knowledge, and a generous network of support for leaders to contribute authentically and integrate feminine values and global awareness into all that they do. It provides an innovative and interactive programme on leadership, bringing together influential change-makers and pioneers to create a world in which we all flourish.

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