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Diageo is named as a Top 10 Best Company by Seramount

Diageo is named as a Top 10 Best Company by Seramount

 September 26, 2022

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Diageo is committed to championing inclusion and diversity across its business, at every level, everywhere, from the diverse talent the company recruits, develops and retains, to the way it sources services and portrays diversity through its brands.

Diageo North America is named as one of the Top 10 for the 100 Best Companies by Seramount. This recognition showcases Diageo's commitment to its progressive programs on parental leave, multicultural hiring/advancement, and focus on mental health and wellbeing that are core to the company's Society 2030 goals.

Seramount is dedicated to advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace as it knows that it shapes cultures that attract, engage, and motivate diverse talent.

Employer celebrated for its progressive programs

The companies celebrated in the 100 Best Companies list by Seramount continue to set the standard by providing inclusive benefits for families, including paid gender-neutral parental leave, phase-back programs, bereavement leave after miscarriage, reimbursement for fertility expenses, and increased mental health benefits for employees.

“We are seeing our 100 Best Companies add even more to their robust benefit offerings that go beyond traditional parental leave,” said Seramount President, Subha Barry. “Now, they’ve upped their game by providing other support like covering fertility expenses, everyday childcare reimbursement, bereavement leave for miscarriages, and increased mental health benefits. These companies continue to set the bar high when it comes to building family-friendly, inclusive workplaces.”

Methodology for Best Company recognition

Diageo celebrated Seramount 100 Best Companies

The Seramount 100 Best Companies application includes more than 400 questions related to leave policies, workforce representation, benefits, childcare, advancement programs, flexibility, and more. It surveys the availability and usage of these programs, as well as the accountability of the many managers who oversee them.

The key findings from the 100 Best Companies list are:

  • The 100 Best Companies offer an average of 11 weeks of fully paid parental leave, with the Top 10 Companies offering 16 weeks
  • 86 per cent of the 100 Best Companies offer phase-back programs that allow employees to come back gradually from parental leave, and the average amount is 13 weeks. For the Top 10, 100 percent offer phase-back programs, and the average amount is 19 weeks
  • 77 per cent of the 100 Best Companies and 100 per cent of the Top 10 offer bereavement leave after a miscarriage
  • 61 per cent of the 100 Best Companies and 80 per cent of the Top 10 reimburse for surrogacy expenses. 74 per cent of the 100 Best Companies and 100 per cent of the Top 10 reimburse for egg freezing
  • 36 per cent of the 100 Best Companies and 90 per cent of the Top 10 reimburse parents for everyday childcare
  • 97 per cent of the 100 Best Companies and 100 per cent of the Top 10 increased mental health benefits

A commitment to empowering inclusive workplaces

Seramount represents the evolution of an enduring legacy supporting and advancing women in the workplace and is committed to the important work of empowering inclusive workplaces for all. Its name is inspired by Mount Saramati, one of the world’s highest peaks, and represents upward progress and Seramount's leadership in the DEI space, and has a logo that reflects a topographical map of the mountain and a fingerprint. It’s a visual representation of the human side of the work Seramount does and the imprint it leaves on the world.

The organization knows that DEI is a dynamic topic and a difficult one to lead. Its experience launching and leading DEI initiatives and conversations allows Seramount to meet people where they are, whatever their starting point and wherever they want to go. Seramount's expertise and thought leadership have grown in breadth and depth to meet the growing needs of its client, and it is a driving force for DEI, helping companies create strategies and solutions that translate into real business impact.

Seramount and EAB, a leading force in promoting DEI in higher education, share a deep commitment to taking on the challenges that face employers, such as building early career talent pipelines, recruiting diverse talent, along with the challenges that face higher education institutions, and are committed to strengthening communities by finding and sharing transformative ideas to help organizations, be it corporations or colleges and universities, to thrive.

Join an employer that champions inclusion and diversity

Diageo recruits, retains and develops diverse talent with a range of backgrounds, skills and capabilities in each of the 180 countries it operates in.

Inspired to bring passion, curiosity, and ambition to a rewarding career with Diageo?

Search the wide range of career opportunities available with this progressive employer.


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