From John Deere intern, to Order Fulfillment Business Analyst

From John Deere intern, to Order Fulfillment Business Analyst

 October 10, 2022

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Meet Camille Perk. She's an Order Fulfillment Business Analyst at John Deere Intelligent Solutions Group in Urbandale, Iowa.

Curious, analytical and motivated, Camille loves to learn new things and to learn how things work. 

Overcoming obstacles and seeing the result of effort

Camille has an Industrial Engineering degree from Iowa State, and started with John Deere as an intern

After graduating, Camille took a position with Deere in the Engineering Development Program (EDP), with a rotation as an Order Fulfillment Process (process of building any current Deere product) Managing Engineer (ME) for Tillage at Des Moines Works.

"I loved that position – every day was a new challenge, I got to overcome obstacles and see the results of my efforts, I was part of a wonderful cross-functional team, and I was in the heart of what this company does and stands for,” shares Camille.

Camille then secured a permanent position on that team, and she enjoyed the manufacturing world so much that she became a Team Leader/Production Supervisor. "I got to lead a few different departments in my time as a Team Leader, and when I was ready to move on I wanted to see another side of the business. I moved into the Order Fulfillment organization at ISG and have learned so much about the rest of what it takes to get our products to our dealers and customers,” explains Camille.

Keeping an open mind to accomplishing goals 

Camille is responsible for creating and maintaining the product structure for John Deere's Tech Stack products – all of the cool technology like receivers, displays, and software that go into John Deere Products. She is responsible for helping to fix any issues dealers or customers have with those products.

Keeping an open mind is one key strength that has made Camille successful in cross-functional teams and helped her accomplish her goals. 

“There are many ways to solve a problem, and being open to other ideas helps find the best one for all the stakeholders,” says Camille. 

“I also have to draw on my ability to pause and take a step back. When things are moving quickly and decisions have to be made it’s important not to get caught up in the rush and examine the situation. Chances are the few extra minutes taken to really understand will not make or break the decision-making process. Additionally, I draw on my analytical skills. Driving to the root of the problem to solve it and not just band-aiding the symptoms, as well as looking at all the angles and options, enables me to find the best solution in a timely manner.”

Working on exciting engineering projects 

When looking at her favorite projects to work on, Camille reflects that she got to be a part of the engineering team that brought the new 2660VT into production while she was an ME in Tillage, and was able to return as a team leader and improve the build process. 

"2660VT completed the Deere suite of tillage equipment as a vertical tillage option. The adjustable gang angle allows farmers to choose the right amount of soil movement for their purposes, including 0 degrees, which is true vertical tillage," she says.

“I loved seeing the process of bringing a brand-new product to life and being part of the team that made it all happen. It was extremely rewarding to come back to the department and see the result of all my hard work!"

There are many reasons Camille enjoys working at John Deere, one of them is the people who she has met and made connections with. 

“I’ve been lucky enough to be on some great teams with supportive, friendly, hardworking co-workers who make even the longest and toughest days fun and productive,” explains Camille. 

“I also enjoy working for a company that is so connected and dedicated to its customers and committed to improving - not only improving our processes and systems - but also improving our products, delivery, and support to customers in the field that are working to feed and clothe the world.”

Supporting women into similar roles 

Camille firmly believes that presenting opportunities and supporting women into similar roles can attract more females to manufacturing positions. 

“I was fortunate to get manufacturing experience early in my career. This helped me discover my passion for it. Making sure that others have the same opportunities to see and experience the manufacturing world is key to attracting more women into the field,” she says. 

“Once we have presented the opportunities, we need to support those women to be and feel successful. Balancing a busy manufacturing role with all the other things that happen in life can be tough, but there are so many support systems, people, and resources that can help. Knowing what those resources are, and how to take advantage of them, is crucial to having more women in manufacturing.”

And Camille’s advice to women looking to work with John Deere? “Try it out! You might be surprised by what you find that you enjoy,” she shares. 

“The satisfaction that comes from overcoming obstacles and seeing our products created, as well as the network it creates, is incredible. Even when it seems tough, there are plenty of resources to help you through, and people willing to listen and help you out.”

When Camille is not working, she enjoys being active and outside, especially with her fiancé and their dog. “I also love reading, listening to and playing music, and traveling," shares Camille. 

Work with female leaders at John Deere

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