Meet John Deere Manufacturing Engineer Andjelka Witt

Meet John Deere Manufacturing Engineer Andjelka Witt

 October 11, 2022

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John Deere's Andjelka Witt was recently hired as a Forecast Analyst for John Deere ISG in Urbandale, after a long career in manufacturing.

Prior to this role she worked as Manufacturing Engineer at Drivetrain Operations and Tractor Cab Assembly Operations, supporting components, cab assembly and 8000 series tractors.

"I decided to invest heavily in my personal development and start my Master's Degree, in the hope that I would be able to get a role in a different division and learn different aspects of business - my career aspirations came true with getting this role," explains Andjelka. 

"When I set my mind onto something I work really hard to achieve it and I don’t give up even when I face rejection. I always tell myself I might not be the best candidate out there, but I am willing to work hard, learn and persevere."

Serving John Deere customers and dealers 

Andjelka’s current role is focused on forecasting parts for John Deere ISG locations in Germany, Brazil and US and shipping ISG products to dealers and customers.

"We work directly with suppliers, marketing, and supply management to meet demands of our dealers and customers in the field," says Andjelka. 

Key strengths she draws upon are good communication, building relationships with peers and managers as well as asking lots of questions.

"No one starts the role knowing everything and there is always someone that can help you find an answer. Be empowered to ask questions and learn," says Andjelka.

When looking at her favourite John Deere project she has worked on, Andjelka highlights bringing ExactRate tanks for 8RX in production - ExactRate tanks are liquid fertilizer tanks that get installed on the back of the 8000 series 4 Track tractor, and have 1000 gallon capacity.

Andjelka says: "It was a very challenging, but also a fun project. I built great relationships with my peers and with employees on the shop floor." 

Personal beliefs aligning with company values 

Andjelka enjoys working with John Deere because her personal beliefs align well with the company's values.

Networking, training and job shadowing are key for women's career advancement

When looking at how to get more women into roles like hers, Andjelka stresses the need for targetted networking, training, and job shadowing. All are critical for women's career progress and success.

And the advice Andjelka would give to women looking to work with John Deere? "Don’t be scared/intimidated, manufacturing is fun and very fulfilling career choice and can lead you to many other opportunities."

Enjoy an impactful career with John Deere 

Looking for a career that matters?

Looking for an opportunity that heads in new and exciting directions? 

Whether a student, new graduate, an experienced professional, senior, executive or woman career returner, John Deere has many great opportunities. 

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