Bazaarvoice employees share advice on Coming Out Day

Bazaarvoice employees share advice on Coming Out Day

 October 12, 2022

Bazaarvoice takes diversity and inclusion seriously.

Creating meaningful change, the company stands behind its convictions with actions and commitment, creating an environment that provokes curiosity, shifts mindsets, and encourages people to take initiative. Bazaarvoice's mission is to ensure diversity, equality and inclusion are threads that run throughout the company, connecting all employees.

This mission sees Bazaarvoice support members of the LGBT+ employee community, for example, celebrating awareness days such as Pride and Coming Out Day. 

Supporting LGBT+ people in their coming out journeys

Coming Out Day  is an annual awareness day observed on October 11 in the United States to support the LGBT+ community. 

First celebrated in the United States in 1988, the initial idea was grounded in the feminist and gay liberation spirit of the personal being political, and the emphasis on the most basic form of activism being coming out to family, friends and colleagues, and living life as an openly lesbian or gay person.

The foundational belief is that homophobia thrives in an atmosphere of silence and ignorance, and that when people know they have loved ones who are LGBT+, they are far less likely to maintain homophobic or oppressive views. 

In honor of Coming Out Day, members of b:you, a Bazaarvoice Employee Resource Group, shared tips to support people in their coming out journey.

Developing friendships with LGBT+ people

"I was lucky enough to develop close relationships within the LGBT+ community while closeted and in college. By having this friendship circle, I discovered that what helped me most to come out myself was learning from their own stories. I was able to hear the successes (and struggles) of their experiences to develop my own path to coming out; I created a safe space for myself and found comfort through my friends' stories," said Taylor.

Supporting children in discovering their identity 

Bazaarvoice LGBT allies

"My third son told me he was gay and I was surprised because it had never occurred to me. It was a relief because it explained a few things and I literally said, 'That's great, I'm so glad you told me!' and we moved on," explained Nat.

Knowing you're not alone 

LGBT employees Bazaarvoice

"The most important thing about coming out is knowing that it will take time for some friends and family to come around to this new perception of you. Everyone is different, their upbringing, experiences, and beliefs are different, and once they understand that you are still you, they will accept you. If they do not, you'll still be okay as you are not alone in this. Reach out to the community for acceptance," added Skottie.

Showing up as an ally 

Bazaarvoice diversity

"When my cousin and her wife got married, most of our family didn't attend. It meant so much to her for me to be at their wedding, acknowledge her marriage, and support them both. They had a beautiful wedding and now have two gorgeous children together. I think it's important to show up as an ally, to every story, and to every identity. Love it love, y'all, that's all there is to it," commented Mackenzie.

Supporting Bazaarvoice's LGBTQ+ community 

As well as its employee resource groups, b:you, Bazaarvoice supports its LGBTQ+ community through affinity groups such as b:out. The group aims to connect those in the LGBTQ+ community and to understand the networking opportunities at Bazaarvoice.

The group focuses on career advancement and professional development for its members and education, such as etiquette and awareness, for their coworkers, as well as mentoring programs and visible public service. b:out is a place where people new to the LGBTQ+ community, or those who are connected in some way, can come with questions or concerns regarding their children, friends, or relatives.

Finding professional and personal value in diversity 

Bazaarvoice recognizes that hiring teams of people that all look the same, think the same, and act the same is not going to move the needle or drive innovation.

The company understands that if they aren’t listening to a wide variety of voices, they aren’t able to truly address the needs of the business or of the marketplace.

With acceptance, tolerance, and inclusivity, employees can share ideas without fear, and be recognized for the value they bring, and create cultures of which they can be proud.

Work for an inclusive company

Inspired to work for a company that values employee diversity and focuses on inclusion for all? 

Bazaarvoice has a wealth of job opportunities for women wanting to take the next step in their career journey. 


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