Capgeminis Laura Gardner promotes menopause awareness

Capgemini's Laura Gardner promotes menopause awareness

 October 18, 2022

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World Menopause Day saw progressive employer Capgemini declare: "This World Menopause Day, we’re pleased to share that Capgemini UK has signed Wellbeing of Women Workplace Menopause Pledge. Our pledge is all part of ensuring our team feel comfortable discussing menopause at work."

Wellbeing of Women is a health charity helping to save and change the lives of women, girls and babies, through research, advocacy and education.

Talking about the menopause more

Many people are affected by the menopause at some point – whether directly or indirectly or as the loved one of someone going through it - prompting Capgemini to ask: Why aren’t we talking about it more?

Capgemini seeks to ensure all its people feel able to discuss the menopause, so they can access the right support at the right time.

To mark World Menopause Day, Capgemini Diversity & Inclusion specialist Laura Gardner [pictured above] shared her thoughts about  Capgemini's support in the workplace for those experiencing the menopause. Here's what she said.

What is the menopause?

The menopause is a process in a woman’s life during which periods stop, and less oestrogen is produced. It normally occurs between the ages of 45 and 55, but in some cases, women may experience the menopausal much earlier.

Perimenopause occurs four to five years before menopause, when symptoms start to be experienced. After menopause starts, the following years are then called post-menopause, where symptoms may continue.

Symptoms of the menopause (of which there are many) include hot flushes, brain fog, recurrent urinary tract infections, night sweats, insomnia, poor memory, loss of concentration, anxiety/low mood, weight gain, hair loss, light-headedness, and joint stiffness.

Increasing awareness and attention

Talking about the menopause has been taboo for too long. The symptoms can come as a surprise and are easily exacerbated by the workplace.

The topic of the menopause has been receiving increased awareness and attention in recent years. Through Mariella Frostrup’s interviews, Davina McCall’s documentary on Channel 4 and the House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee inquiry, this topic is getting the awareness it deserves to help drive change and support women with menopausal symptoms.

In 2019 alone, there were over 4.3 million women aged 45-60 employed in the UK. This is the fastest growing demographic in the workplace, and the one most likely to experience menopause symptoms.

As stated by the Women and Equalities Committee, almost a million women in the UK have left jobs as a result of menopausal symptoms.  Many of those women are likely to have been highly skilled and in managerial positions within their organisations.

How is Capgemini supporting employees?

The menopause is a natural part of life but for many it can be difficult to navigate, especially in the workplace. Capgemini recognizes that making small changes to your role, working environment, or working pattern can make a big difference in helping women to manage symptoms and in some cases, can ease the impact of the symptoms.

Capgemini wants all its people to feel able to talk openly and honestly about the menopause, and to seek help if and when it’s needed. To support this, the company provides:

  • Flexible working and temporary changes to working hour patterns that are quick to implement and amend
  • Peppy – a healthcare app with highly-trained menopause experts just a click away
  • Well-being Champions – colleagues trained by Mind who our people can talk to in confidence
  • Occupational Health support, menopause toolkit from employee benefits leader Unum
  • Doctor@Hand – connecting our people immediately to a GP, wherever they are in the world
  • Thrive App – for managing well-being and building resilience
  • Inclusive networks, such as Women@Capgemini – a space to talk to people with similar experiences and share support
  • A comprehensive manager guide to support one-on-one conversations.

Work for a company supporting women through every stage of their career

Capgemini is a people-focused employer that has structures in place to support employees both throughout their personal and professional lives.

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