Medtronic careers help solve the global crisis of health inequity

Medtronic careers help solve the global crisis of health inequity

 October 20, 2022

Working for Medtronic can be a pretty brilliant career move!

Medtronic knows that the global crisis of health inequity can only be solved by accelerating access to healthcare technologies that put people first. Working for a company with an important Mission and purpose can be rewarding and fulfilling.

As such there is such a wide range of jobs on offer with this progressive employer.

A career with Medtronic can help the company bring the next generation of life-changing medical technology to patients worldwide.

With a community focused approach, Medtronic is driving programs and partnerships that remove barriers to care for noncommunicable diseases in marginalized communities and is turning cutting-edge healthcare technology into better outcomes for the world.

Advancing equity in healthcare technology

Medtronic believes healthcare technology drives better clinical, economic, and societal outcomes, yet many people still don’t have access.

As Medtronic engineers breakthrough medical technologies, the company also develops new ways for the world to access them. These innovations transform standards of quality care, drive economic value, and dismantle barriers to health equity. But innovation alone is not the solution. Through programs, partnerships, education, and advocacy, Medtronic targets access issues and removes structural and social barriers to care.

Designing life-transforming innovations that put people first

Access is top of mind in everything that Medtronic does, starting with how the company designs its therapies. It invests in technology and puts people at the center to close health gaps. Medtronic is increasing diverse representation in clinical research and uses data and Artificial intelligence to deeply understand its patients’ lifestyles and barriers to care.

The result is that technologies reach more patients in new ways, such as at-home screening of esophagus, stomach, small bowel, and colon disease, a pacemaker the size of a large vitamin placed through minimally invasive surgery, and remote monitoring of implanted devices.

Advancing care and quality of life while reducing overall costs

Beyond striving for high-quality, reliable products that keep patients and providers safe, and their data secure, Medtronic pushes for better economic outcomes. The company's value-based care efforts and strategic partnerships help healthcare systems move away from fee-for-service reimbursement toward models that drive lower-cost and higher-quality outcomes.

Removing structural and social barriers to quality care

More than half the world’s population lacks access to essential healthcare services, and biases prevent underserved groups from effectively using the services that already exist. To expand access to quality care, Medtronic doubles down on education and advocacy to increase health knowledge, innovate in community-led programs with local Research and Development leaders, and form public-private partnerships to introduce new technologies to public health systems and patients.

Medtronic's understanding of access barriers grows through on-the-ground collaboration, as the company discovers new training formats to meet local population needs and uncover health access gaps that innovation can close. To eliminate inequities, Medtronic engages at the local level with healthcare and community leaders, partners with global Non-Governmental Organizations, and mobilizes its business leaders and employees to remove barriers to care for underserved patient groups.

Medtronic offers careers that change lives

Medtronic has a Mission-driven workplace. Begin a life-long career of exploration, innovation, and championing healthcare access and equity for all.

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