Lidia Guardado works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Medtronic

Lidia Guardado works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Medtronic

 October 20, 2022

Medtronic employees contribute to producing the life-saving medical technology, enabling the company to fulfill its Mission of alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life. Extraordinary teams of innovators bring their unique skills and backgrounds to work every day, and are part of an inclusive culture where each voice is valued. They take on new challenges and are on the cutting edge of life-changing medical technology.

Medtronic employees are recognized for their unique experiences and perspectives that are vital to the company's success. Medtronic is passionate about inclusion, collaboration, and innovation.

Medtronic believes that diversity is key to innovation. Inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) play a critical role in driving Medtronic's competitiveness, bringing more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation. This helps ensure the company's lifesaving technologies reach more patients around the world.

Engineering the extraordinary and changing lives

Based in Mexico, Lidia Guardado works as a Talent Acquisition Specialist in Medtronic's Human Resources. Her role contributes to Medtronic engineering the extraordinary, and changing lives.

"I joined Medtronic in June 1994, and I have been given the opportunity to develop and grow within the company to the position in which I find myself: Talent Acquisition Specialist," says Lidia. "I am very happy to belong to a company that gives its employees the opportunity to grow and develop their potential both professionally and personally," Lidia comments.

A Mission-driven workplace

Medtronic's Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life inspires the company's work every day. Medtronic knows that in order to achieve its Mission, it must harness the unique contributions of all of its employees.

The combined ideas, energies, and intellect of all of Medtronic's employees are the keys to the company's success, and to improved healthcare globally. As employees build, grow, and connect in their careers, they are recognized for their extraordinary potential to ensure future generations live better, healthier lives.

Innovate, invent and keep learning in a Medtronic career

Medtronic's employees put innovative ideas to work to generate real solutions for real people.

Help Medtronic bring the next generation of life-changing medical technology to patients worldwide.

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