Discover the metaverse with DXCs Nathalie Vancluysen

Discover the metaverse with DXC's Nathalie Vancluysen

 October 26, 2022

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The metaverse presents a world of limitless possibilities for companies, where employees, as avatars, can interact with one another in a virtual-reality space and engage in virtual activities. 

DXC Technology is leading the way in the metaverse and immersive collaboration technologies with the help of employee innovation. 

Meet Nathalie Vancluysen. She's the Head of Extended Reality at DXC Technology, where she pioneers these new technologies. 

Nathalie shares her expertise with The Stack and explains the unique DXC Virtual World. 

Opening doors to greater collaboration

Natalie believes that the 3D world of the metaverse is a more engaging collaborative approach than traditional video conferencing. Through the metaverse, employees can gather to discuss, share ideas, host guests, take part in events, and more.

“In traditional video conferencing people often feel confined to their desks or the room where they are working. The metaverse however presents an exciting and potentially limitless 3D world where people have an increased sense of freedom – to move around, explore, take a break, play football, go for a walk, or have chance encounters," explains Natalie. 

"Such experiences have proven to help people concentrate better and retain more information. Virtual worlds can help us get out of our videoconferencing routine and open the door to greater collaboration and innovation," adds Natalie, who particularly cites "random collisions" in virtual worlds as one of the reasons for greater collaboration. 

Hosting events in a virtual reality space 

These random collisions contributed to the success of DXC's virtual EMEA sales conference, hosted on DXC Virtual World platform, which saw keynote presentations by industry leaders and an expo hall with more than 50 exhibitors. “DXC has run a number of successful metaverse events in the DXC Virtual World,” says Natalie to The Stack. 

Beyond major events, DXC Virtual World is used across the business for team building, customer workshops, media briefings, leadership programs and parties. 

Most importantly, DXC Virtual World is well-received by employees: Natalie tells The Stack that, according to a poll, 61% of DXC employees look forward to meetings and events in the DXC Virtual World, and 88% would like DXC to invest more in the metaverse. 

Contributing to inclusion efforts

With DXC Technology's ongoing commitment to inclusion, the metaverse also provides an environment where a person's background, appearance, gender or other identifiers are less important than their ideas and work. 

“Organizations can benefit from diverse new talent pools from previously underrepresented groups. Whether it’s mothers nursing their infants, or people with physical or psychological challenges, no one needs to be excluded from the metaverse," adds Natalie.

Like Natalie, work on pioneering technologies at DXC

DXC Technology is a hotbed of innovation and technical expertise, where employees are using the power of technology to build better futures for customers, colleagues, environment and communities - join them.


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