DXC Technology provides digital skills training for youth in India

DXC Technology provides digital skills training for youth in India

 October 27, 2022

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Working for a company that values society, its colleagues and the communities where its employees live and work can be rewarding. DXC Technology's active involvement in its communities yields more efficient and beneficial outcomes for society, including carbon reduction, innovative technology solutions, youth and adult educational initiatives, and volunteerism across the company's global workforce.

As such, DXC Technology has embarked on an exciting partnership with Bhumi, for Project Skill-Ed, training underprivileged youth in India on digital skills and soft skills.

"Kudos to Bhumi and Team for the successful implementation of the project!." says DXC Technology

Supporting young people with skills training

DXC Technology is in partnership with Bhumi, one of India's largest volunteer organizations for supplementary education of children, youth volunteers and the environment, for Project Skill-Ed.

Bhumi is striving for meaningful change. Through volunteering, Bhumi aims to build a society that empowers every individual to reshape the conversation with their voices and stories. Among grassroots Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in India, Bhumi has a strong reputation for success. It is a leading NGO in India focusing on the two areas of education and volunteering.

Project Skill-Ed has trained 931 underprivileged youth in the age group of 18-27 years on digital skills and soft skills as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. The training sessions took place on three days a week for three months, along with guest lectures, mock interviews, and soft skills sessions by industry experts. Through DXC Technology's partnership for Project Skill-Ed, 211 youths are in relevant jobs.

Transforming together

Bhumi believes that every child deserves to have access to quality education. It is the one thing that can never be lost. Additionally, it will enable them to achieve many of their aspirations and live fulfilling lives. Bhumi is one of the few top NGOs in India that promotes whole-school transformations and gives educational opportunities to students from disadvantaged communities.

Bhumi's vision is to help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society. It knows that conserving the ecology and its blessings is a necessity, not a privilege. Bhumi’s vision is for every Indian to volunteer for causes such as child education, and community welfare.

It is working towards providing holistic education and enabling sustainable livelihoods for 5,000 children in the next ten years. For this, Bhumi will focus on increasing impact and sustainability in shelter homes, communities and schools. The volunteer-driven program at shelter homes will be strengthened for higher effectiveness and the school program will focus on improving student learning outcomes.

Bhumi's mission is to drive social change by fostering an environment where young adults and children learn, lead, and thrive. It believes that the culture of its organization is built over the years, because of the deep-rooted value system that it believes in. The values are what Bhumi aspires to translate in all its stakeholders and work. They are:

  • Ownership - high accountability to Bhumi's responsibilities and to inner conscience. Rooted in the values of proactive, demonstrating continuous improvement and volunteerism

  • Collaboration - coming together of people and organizations for a shared purpose leads to the greater good. Bhumi strongly believes that together, it can do more for a better society

  • Nurturing Care - rooted in growth and biased to action. It means caring about Bhumi's people, cause, and the quality of work. It is an evolved version of the values nurture and empathy

Join a company that is making a positive social impact

DXC Technology is committed to building sustainable and responsible business practices that create value for all its stakeholders and contribute to a better world.

DXC Technology is where brilliant people embrace change and seize opportunities to advance their careers and amplify customer success.

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