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Diageo Australias progressive policy supports working families

Diageo Australia's progressive policy supports working families

 October 27, 2022

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Diageo believes true gender equality at work requires fundamental changes to working practices, including a shake-up of the policies and cultural norms around parental leave.

In Australia, a Diageo policy pays superannuation while employees take paid parental leave, with the new benefit adding an extra $64,889 to retirement funds over the employee's working life if they have two children.

Benefiting from Diageo's new policy

Talking to news.com.au, expectant mums working at Diageo, Gem Roberson, Ashleigh Sladden and Alana Lucci, explain why it's important that they'll now also have superannuation paid on their unpaid family leave up to an additional 26 weeks.

“My husband has his own business which is quite slow, so we were basically living off my parental leave the first time – it was a little bit stressful having to make compromises while off,” says Diageo Brand Manager, Alana Lucci. “This time around I feel a lot better going into it and that financially for the next year we will be in a better position but also for our future as well. It reassures you and takes the edge off a little bit that we won’t have any additional monetary stress. There is no hesitation to take a full 12 month this time.”

“It really makes me feel confident about taking time off with my career. I’ve been a super career focused woman and breadwinner in my family and this future proofs me and my family and overall financial situation as it comes into my later years,” explains Diageo Head of Digital Marketing, Ashleigh Sladden. “It doesn’t feel like I’m missing out by wanting to have two children. This is my first child and makes me feel confident about my career and stability and how I can contribute to my family.”

Finally, Diageo Shopper Marketing Manager, Gem Roberson, adds: "I think the government is going in the right direction, but I think more companies need to take it on board and look to make it a better future for female and male employers. I have sister on maternity leave and she works for a government organisation and she’s in awe my company does this as a lot of companies don’t even offer anything outside of the government leave you can get.”

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