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EYs Isabelle is an inspiration

EY's Isabelle is an inspiration

Meet Isabelle Duggan, a Senior in Transaction Support at EY in Sydney. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re taking some time to reflect on your career, let her journey inspire yours.

A unique working environment

“I didn’t want to be placed in a box as either a ‘lawyer’ or an ‘accountant’ – I studied both. EY stood out to me as a dynamic organization that would provide opportunities across the board. Three years on, it continues to surprise me.”

“Crazy competitive, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week and male dominated – this was not for me. Which is exactly why I didn’t want to go work in an investment bank. Joining Transaction Advisory Services meant I was able to gain corporate finance experience with a great place to work – somewhere that had a great culture, terrific training and a really collaborative team environment.”

Challenging and rewarding careers

“We work hard, that’s the unvarnished, honest truth. When the deal is on you have to get it done, and then we celebrate and catch our breath. However, outside of these times working flexibly is hugely supported here. My team really trust each other and because of the way we work together, I feel I can manage my personal commitments. That said, everyone is focused on doing the best possible job for our client.”

Flexible working options

“I love skiing, I even worked as a ski lift operator during my gap year and I’ve been able to combine work and pleasure. Not just because flexibility means I can still hit the slopes, but a career highlight was working on a real estate deal, the buy-side financial due diligence for a major ski resort in Australia – I felt like I understood the deal from all sides. It required technical experience and required a lot of innovation on our part. It was definitely an exciting experience to be on the frontline.”

“EY is truly global, a key reason it’s so interesting and challenging, but it sometimes feels like everyone is in the same office. The global reach is evident on a day-to-day basis. We frequently work closely with teams across Asia-Pacific, and farther afield if that’s the nature of the deal. But technology keeps us connected and collaboration is our mantra.”

Mentoring and support

“Being pushed was the best thing for me, and my career. I had an amazing senior manager on a project who mentored me, and would constantly push me. Her support meant I was able to gain the right experiences that led me to being promoted last year. I’m working with a new senior manager now, and he’s just as keen to see me climb the ladder! To have someone make such an investment in me and my career is invaluable – it’s just part of the culture here.”

Gender parity at EY

“Being a woman is not a barrier; I have the same opportunities to progress as my male colleagues. Everyone is treated fairly and equitably here, in fact, reward and promotion are monitored to help ensure parity – we are one team after all.”

Goals for the future

“I want to become a partner and I have no doubt it can happen without sacrificing my life outside of work. I work with a great team, but the partners and directors still make work/life balance a priority through flexible working hours and working from home – there’s no reason I couldn’t do the same when I progress further in my career.”

“I want clients to see beyond their financial due diligence report, and to start thinking about the bigger picture impact they can have. The value that we provide to clients goes beyond a profit made or the words written in a report – but affects shareholders, employees, suppliers and customers – the whole community. How is that not purpose driven?”

Find out where you might fit!

EY is a highly recognised leader when it comes to recruiting, retaining, supporting and advancing women. As a top employer for women, why not consider them for your next career move. Research their current job vacancies or research what more of their women have to say about EY as a progressive employer.

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