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DHL Global Forwarding leaders supporting customs operations

DHL Global Forwarding leaders supporting customs operations

 November 20, 2022

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DHL Global Forwarding Customs services team is proud of the talented women leaders driving the business with their global reach and local knowledge. These are the people working behind the scenes to make sure that customs operations are running like clockwork.

Meet Susana Escribano Lopez and Supunnee Suwannakit, who shares what DHL Global Forwarding Custom Services mean to them. 

Happy to belong to one of the best DHL teams

Susana Escribano Lopez is a DGF Customs Business Development Manager based in Spain. Susana chose this field for her career because of its "complexity" and "great possibilities for development".

"Today's customs are a significant challenge for customers and one of the most critical tools for optimization and savings," explains Susana. "Being able to accompany the customer in this area offers the possibility to overcome challenges and move forward together."

"This and the incredible colleagues I found during my career in DHL make me happy to belong to one of the best DHL Teams - Customs services," says Susana.

Helping to keep customers worry-free

Meanwhile, Supunnee Suwannakit works as a DHL Global Forwarding Thailand Customs Operations Team Leader. Supunnee is inspired by how DGF Customs services help to facilitate the international trade of DHL customers.

In her work, Supunnee supports customers in avoiding delays, fines and penalties. "Our services include consultancy for tariff classification, privilege management, permit and license application and customs disputation. 

"I enjoy helping customers to keep 'worry-free' even after customs clearance," explains Supunnee.

Inspired by Susana and Supunnee to join DHL's team?

By air, sea, road and rail, DHL Global Forwarding helps customers get anything where it needs to - when it needs to be there.

But DGFF's real value lies in its ability to manage and connect every aspect of the journey to make life easy for customers.

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