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DHL Global Forwarding marks Employee Appreciation Week

DHL Global Forwarding marks Employee Appreciation Week

 November 20, 2022

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At DHL Global Forwarding (DGF), all employees are valued for their contribution to the business. Every year, DGF hosts Employee Appreciation Week, an employee recognition program designed to encourage and reward excellence.

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The goal of DGF's Employee Appreciation Week is to inspire team members to go above and beyond, to take ownership of their work, and to become entrepreneurs within the greater organization.

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Dancing to celebrate employee contribution and appreciation

DHL women careers

DHL Global Forwarding, Freight employees celebrated Appreciation Week with theme of DGF Moves As One by dancing globally to honor Freight Forwarding experts & celebrate diversity, inclusion & equality.

DGF's Employee Appreciation Week sees an exciting program of events that unites global teams.

For example, under the theme of DGF Moves As One, employees from all over the world took part in a company dance. Celebrations were hosted to honor DGF's Freight Forwarding, Freight experts and the passion they give to the organization.

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Appreciation Week is also a celebration of DGF's diversity, reflected in the dance event's regional playlists with songs from every country.

Work for a company that appreciates its employees

Appreciation Week is just one of the many ways DHL Global Forwarding celebrates and rewards its employees.

Bring value and be valued by DGF - join the company.


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