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DHL Global Forwarding joins forces for Global Volunteer Day

DHL Global Forwarding joins forces for Global Volunteer Day

 November 20, 2022

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DHL Global Forwarding encourages its employees to give back to the community, and fosters the spirit of volunteerism within its teams.

Through various incentives, DHL Global Forwarding employees volunteer in local-level projects and lay the foundation for long-term collaboration with charitable organizations. By helping solve problems in their local communities, DHL employees not only make a contribution to society, but create a sense of community and teamwork that carries over into the workplace.

Meaningful interactions within local communities 

Global Volunteer Day is part of DHL Global Forwarding's corporate social responsibility efforts - a program that provides the framework to facilitate employee volunteering at the local level in close collaboration with independent local organizations and charities.

Celebrated in September each year, Global Volunteer Day sees employees take part in creative, meaningful and powerful interactions with communities. These interactions include planting trees, cleaning up trash, arranging activities for children, renovating refugee shelters, knitting bird nests, and much more.

Contributing to the company's corporate responsibility

Global Volunteer Day was initiated in the Asia-Pacific region in 2008 and soon expanded to the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Employees take part in a variety of activities which contribute to the three main Corporate Responsibility focus areas:

  • GoGreen (environmental protection)
  • GoHelp (putting employee expertise to work to provide emergency relief to people in need)
  • GoTeach (improving educational opportunity and employability)

Employee volunteering in the context of Global Volunteer Day is not limited to a single day or single project, but is designed to promote lasting ties between employees and the many local non-profits and charities in which they are involved throughout the year.

Make a community impact via a DHL career

People working at DHL Global Forwarding make an impact beyond their job description - supporting local communities and protecting the environment.

Make a positive difference while advancing career ambitions via a job at DHL.


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