Returning to work at Schneider Electric

 May 16, 2017

Appreciating that diversity unlocks innovation and fosters collaboration, Schneider Electric maintains processes to identify female talent and to accelerate their careers. This includes offering both female and male employees the opportunity to pursue flexible work options to help them attain a greater work-life balance. 

In recognition of the International Day of Families, we spoke to women at Schneider Electric who are sucessfully balancing family life with rewarding careers. Here we meet Jurgita Valmante:

Can you tell us about your role at Schneider Electric?

My role is a Market Research Analyst. I work in the marketing department at Eurotherm by Schneider Electric. In my role I provide the leadership, sales teams as well as product managers and business development managers with information which helps evolve action plans to exploit the potential of the strategic growth areas. Examples of this are: market size, market share, competitive intelligence, our product performance and forecasting, market news and trends.

How would you describe your career journey?

I started working at Eurotherm over 6 years ago as a marketing intern. After my contract ended I applied for a position of a Web Support Analyst and got the job. I enjoyed doing Search Engine Optimisation, improving company’s website and learning about digital marketing. About a year later I got offered my current position in which I have grown a lot since then. I enjoy what I am doing as it is a nice balance of being able to use my creativity and logical thinking.

What are some of the exciting projects you have worked on at Schneider Electric?

I was very excited to work on the “Eurotherm Online Services Scalability” project where I was researching potential markets for our new SaaS offering. The result of my work demonstrated how the concept behind this new offering could be used in industries such as Food & Beverage, Transport, Smart Cities.

Another interesting example was a project where I carried out “White Space Analysis”, looking at potential market sizes per regions versus how much business we already do there. Overlay this on a map and some very interesting results appear!

How did you make a request for flexible working – what process did you have to follow

Towards the end of my maternity leave I spoke to my manager about me coming back to work and how I would like to balance my work/family life with three young children. My manager was totally supportive and agreed with my proposal. He also took care of all formalities.

Do you feel it has made any impact on your ability to progress at Schneider Electric and how has the company supported you?

No, I do not think it has made an impact at how my company has supported me in my professional growth. Actually, after I came back to work after having my second child, I was given the opportunity to get onto the ASPIRE course which was the best training course I have ever had! I feel privileged to have been able to get onto this course as it truly helped me to grow professionally and personally. On the other hand, sometimes I am frustrated that I cannot take on all the projects that are of interest to me as I have to be very careful planning my time especially because I do not work full time hours.

Do you have any advice to give mother’s wanting to return to work or those pursuing a flexible work pattern? 

It is hard work balancing home and work life especially with small children. But I found that it is so worth it! If you do not ask it – you do not get it, therefore prepare in advance and talk to your manager.

Schneider Electric has many initiatives supporting the advancement of women's careers through to executive level including diversity days, maternity leave policy, network activities, women leaders events, gender workshop for leaders, women in leadership program and more. Why not get on board and take a look at these current vacancies with this top employer.

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