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HCLTech Feminspiration series looks at leading with authenticity

HCLTech Feminspiration series looks at leading with authenticity

 November 15, 2022

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As part of the HCLTech Feminspiration series Adrienne Crowther, Director of Workforce Strategy and Solutions at autonomous driving technology company Waymo, advised on how to lead with authenticity, audaciousness and accountability while identifying their passion and seizing opportunities.

A big hit with budding leaders 

"Our Feminspiration session with Adrienne Crowther from Waymo was a big hit with our budding leaders," shared HCLTech

"Three things to keep in mind when you come across an opportunity: don't wait for an invitation, don't discount your expertise and don't apologize for bringing a good idea to the table," advised Adrienne. 

Unleashing leadership potential by developing self-awareness

HCLTech Shannon Gath

Chief Information Officer at Teradyne, Shannon Gath, also spoke during the session, discussing unleashing leadership potential by developing self-awareness, building trust and unlocking opportunities for success.

Shannon said: "When you align your passion to an organizational need, it can unlock opportunities you never thought possible." 

Bringing diverse perspectives from women leaders 

The HCLTech Feminspiration series strives to bring in diverse perspectives and wisdom from successful women leaders as they reflect on pertinent gender aspects in engaging sessions with HCL employees and aspiring leaders. 

HCLTech employs inspiring women 

HCLTech helps candidates at all levels enhance their skills, gain a distinct advantage and supercharge their potential. 

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