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Arcadis engineers work in a range of sustainability focused areas

Arcadis engineers work in a range of sustainability focused areas

 November 16, 2022

Working in sustainability-focused jobs can prove very rewarding. In fact, the rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs) focusing on reducing emissions within cities is already starting discussions on the next evolution of mobility infrastructure.

Arcadis has many exciting sustainabilty-focused career vacancies on offer, and here's an example of one woman engineer's insight while working in the electric vehicles arena

EVs bring many sustainability benefits as well as cost savings to consumers. Many large metropolitan cities, such as New York City, London and Paris, are exploring ways to encourage EV usage by integrating charging stations throughout the city. Several automakers such as Porsche, Tesla and Volkswagen are working to reduce consumers’ “range anxiety” by investing in charging stations and pushing the limits with fast-charging infrastructure to meet customer expectations. Recently, Target and Walmart announced plans to install charging stations at hundreds of locations by partnering with automakers and electric providers.

EVs will impact a myriad of factors for the general public, private industries, and the cities’ approach to urban planning. From Arcadis’ global experience, the following considerations should be a part of future mobility plans and discussions as electrification continues to grow at a rapid pace.

  • Understand human behaviors and convenience
  • Determine location of stations
  • Leverage open data
  • Factor in permitting time
  • Figure out the financing

Considering an electric vehicles related career direction?

Read the full article here, then research latest roles with Arcadis.

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