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HCLTech launches Sustainability School and Climate Course

HCLTech launches Sustainability School and Climate Course

 November 22, 2022

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HCLTech launches a Sustainability School and its first comprehensive climate literacy learning series. The series, developed by Axa Climate, has been designed to raise awareness of the impact of climate change among HCLTech’s employees.

Building sustainability champions worldwide

The HCLTech Sustainability School aims to build sustainability champions among its employees across the globe. With climate change emerging as one of the biggest challenges facing humanity, the learning series will educate employees on how each of them can contribute to the efforts of governments, NGOs and enterprises to address the causes of climate change.

Supercharging progress toward a sustainable planet

HCLTech is committed to supercharging progress toward a sustainable planet through its actions as a company and pacts with stakeholders. The company is a signatory to the Climate Pledge and is committed to achieving net-zero by 2040, a decade ahead of the Paris Agreement goals. The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has validated and commended HCLTech’s ambitious 1.5°C pathway targets.

“HCLTech Sustainability School is another validation of our environmental commitments. It will give HCLTech employees an understanding of climate change and how it impacts their lives. Having completed the course, our employees will understand how to act responsibly within their homes and workplace and take simple measures to reduce their carbon footprints. Our people can be our biggest champions on sustainability and this learning series will provide them with practical tools so they can be agents of change within the company and their own communities,” says HCLTech, Global Head of Sustainability, Santhosh Jayaram.

Educating and informing employees 

The first phase of the course covers topics such as the impending threats to biodiversity, the exploitation of natural resources, and the impact on livelihoods across geographical regions.

The second phase of the course helps participants understand how to reduce their own carbon footprints and look at innovative ways to reduce carbon emissions within HCLTech and with the company's clients.

A focused sustainability strategy

HCLTech’s sustainability strategy is based on three guiding principles:

  • ACT: Acting in the most responsible and sustainable manner and ensuring every resource is used efficiently to maximize value
  • PACT: Working for a sustainable future, in collaboration with clients, partners, communities, and all stakeholders
  • IMPACT: Focusing on creating sustainable impact through all initiatives and activities

Make an impact on people and the planet at HCLTech

Creating harmony between people, planet, and prosperity, HCLTech has always built sustainability principles and actions into the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations of its company.

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