DXC India partners for career counselling for adolescent girls

DXC India partners for career counselling for adolescent girls

 November 29, 2022

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DXC Technology India partnered with MyKartavya to conduct career counseling for adolescent girls and women. MyKartavya is a corporate volunteering initiative of NASSCOM Foundation for its member companies in India, 

Gaining support for a way forward 

DXC India

DXC Technology employees volunteered for the opportunity that guided 45 girls from 10th class to first year degree students from non-government organization Tharuni, which works for the all-round development of adolescent girls and women.

"This session was beneficial as it helped the girls better understand their way forward," said DXC Technology India. 

Volunteers share their experience

DXC Technology India

"Volunteering for the program made me think about the years when I was a student and lacked awareness and motivation when it came to thinking about my career choices. It's extremely important for students to get the right choice of guidance. It was overwhelming to see students participating and their quest for career building. I thoroughly enjoyed coaching them," shared Anitha Adiraj. 

"I was in awe seeing how talented the students were," explained Uma Ramesh Babu. "I wish all the best for the future, and look forward to more similar opportunities." 

Sudha Rani said : "It was heartening to see how eager these students were to learn more about work-life after school/college. Overall, it was a good experience for me to interact with the kids." 

Connecting industry to opportunities 

MyKartavya (my duty), is a unique curated volunteering program by NASSCOM Foundation, that connects the Industry associates to a wide range of opportunities to help non-profits to create a better social impact while improving their own skills.

Work for a company committed to women's empowerment 

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