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Streamlining recruitment at UNHCR

Streamlining recruitment at UNHCR

Due to the emergency nature of much of UNHCR’s work, talent pools of pre-vetted external candidates with the skills and expertise needed are being introduced as part of the UNHCR recruitment strategy.

By allowing the UNHCR to respond in a more timely manner to common vacancies, as well as those more hard to fill profiles, the UNHCR is also able to focus on diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring process.

Join UNHCR's talent pools

In 2016, over 200 external candidates were recruited for fixed-term appointments and over 500 for temporary appointments through these talent pools.

Being available on short notice

John Thomas, chief of talent outreach and acquisition at UNHCR stated “We are looking to have a group of people who are, on a short notice, able to take up a post without going through the whole recruitment cycle. The manager is still able to advertise internally because that is our rule, then if they can’t find anybody they come immediately to us and then we are able to release to them five or six individuals who have been vetted, whose references have been checked. All the manager has to do is do the final interview before making a final hiring decision,” he added.

UNHCR builds great relationships with candidates

These talent pools encourage the building of relationships with highly qualified, targeted candidates and allow the UNHCR to focus on hiring the best talent and quickly in line with the urgent nature of its work.

Learn more about Talent Pools and how to apply.


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