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DHL Global Forwarding supports breast cancer awareness

DHL Global Forwarding supports breast cancer awareness

 November 30, 2022

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DHL Global Forwarding (DHL) and Ocean Network Express (ONE) are collaborating to create awareness of breast cancer through the #ONEPinkRibbon campaign.

"We partnered with Ocean Network Express to promote breast cancer awareness as part of the #ONEPinkRibbon campaign. ONE transformed 100 iconic magenta containers to feature the Pink Ribbon – a symbol for breast cancer awareness," said DHL. 

Contributing to a worthy cause 

As part of the campaign, DHL Global Forwarding will be generously donating $1000USD per pink ribbon container which will be matched by ONE, making a total of $6000USD to be donated to Breast International Group (BIG).

David Stoeppler from DHL commented: “When we heard about the #ONEPinkRibbon campaign we knew that DHL had to get involved in this worthy and lifesaving cause. With our shipment of 3 containers, we are proud to be contributing to BIG, a charity that carries out important research to find better treatments to fight breast cancer”.

Doctor David Cameron from BIG applauded the campaign: "We are very grateful for the collaboration between ONE and DHL for their generosity in having selected to partner with the BIG during this month dedicated to breast cancer awareness. BIG, as the world’s largest global network of academic research groups working together to develop cures for breast cancer, along with ONE and DHL, share the same philosophy: Only by uniting countries and regions, by working together, can we overcome the challenges we face. Together, we are BIG against breast cancer, together we are ONE."

Globally increasing awareness of breast cancer 

DHL Global Forwarding Ocean Network Express One Pink Ribbon

Launched in October 2021, the #ONEPinkRibbon campaign was set up by ONE to globally increase awareness of breast cancer. 100 of its iconic magenta containers were transformed to feature the pink ribbon – an international symbol for breast cancer awareness and to promote the importance of early detection of breast cancer. 

As part of the campaign, ONE is donating a percentage of the annual profit generated from the 100 pink ribbon containers to breast cancer charities around the world. The donation amounts will be calculated from the mileage of each container’s annual transportation. In addition to this, ONE has invited customers to get involved through donating $1000USD per pink ribbon container booked. The donation will then be matched by ONE, with all money raised to go to different breast cancer charities around the world. 

An annual campaign to fight against breast cancer 

According to the World Health Organization, in 2020 there were 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer and 685,000 deaths globally. As of the end of 2020, there were 7.8 million women alive who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the past 5 years, making it the world’s most prevalent cancer

ONE and DHL Global Forwarding are proud to support the fight against breast cancer, and ONE plans to run the campaign annually.

ONE is the sixth-largest container shipping company in the world, operating more than 220 ships at a total capacity of around 1.6 million TEUs. ONE has its global business spanning across more than 120 countries. 

DHL is committed to women's empowerment

Working for a company committed to women's health can be an empowering career choice. 

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