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WTWs Senior Director Erin Young discusses workplace mental health

WTW's Senior Director Erin Young discusses workplace mental health

 December 01, 2022

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WTW Senior Director in Health, Equity & Well-Being, Erin Young, spoke with HR Daily Advisor about the importance of mental health care in the workplace.

According to Erin, studies show that many people with mental health conditions require long-term management. For others, intermittent episodes may be short-lived but cause significant work/life disruptions.

The impacts of COVID on adult and child mental health will have long-term repercussions. Caring for employee mental health requires a commitment and investment, but not addressing employee mental health has even more costly financial implications for employers.

Employer considerations for mental health

"Many employers continue to look for opportunities to address mental health, and the imperative to address these issues has increased since the onset of the pandemic. Employee resource groups (ERGs) can help employers understand experiences and promote employee social connections," said Erin. 

Erin explains that flexibility and time off for mental health care continue to top the list of employee requests related to mental health. "The number of employers that intend to offer designated mental health days could triple from 9% currently to 30% in the next 2 years."

"By taking a multifaceted approach to their employees’ mental health, employers have the opportunity to help their companies and their employees. Employee mental health care is a workforce investment that pays off through a healthier, more engaged and productive workforce," commented Erin. 

Read the article in full. 

WTW values its the mental wellbeing of its employees 

Working for an employer that places value on employee wellbeing is key. 

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