Listen to Capgeminis Her Story data and AI careers podcast series

Listen to Capgemini's 'Her Story' data and AI careers podcast series

 December 05, 2022

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Always wanted to forge a career in data and artificial intelligence?

Learn more from Capgemini UK Executive Advisor, Insights & Data, Liz Henderson, who features on an episode of the company's Her Story podcast, where she shares how she built her career in Data and AI.

Her Story is a podcast series from Capgemini on the remarkable women within the company's Data and AI global practice. Catcb it here.

What has changed for women in business? The answer is – a lot. Women have distinguished themselves in businesses and in leadership. Every leader has a different story, but they all have one thing in common – at one point in their lives, they took a giant leap that changed their career like day and night. Capgemini asks its female colleagues for their perspectives on how the business landscape has evolved throughout their careers, their advice for Data and AI professionals to establish themselves as experts, and what motivates them to work in Data and AI.

An experience shared is an experience lived

The Her Story podcast series brings you inspiring stories from some of the remarkable women at our Data and AI global practice. It aims to encourage you on your career journey to carve your own path by showing that challenges are real, and so are opportunities!  Each of these real stories feature wins and challenges, intense moments, and displays of vulnerabilities that encourage you to take the plunge. They illustrate how diverse teams lead to a more inclusive tech design, drive fairness in AI systems, and reduce algorithmic biases. Their insights reinforce our will to progress and to demonstrate key skills to be a successful leader. 

Working in the world of data 

Capgemini her story

"Data is a people sport, we must take a people-first approach to enable data initiative success," explains Executive Advisor, Liz Henderson. 

Liz, who helps organizations revolutionize how they manage their data and lead their large-scale change management data initiative, joins Capgemini North America Director Jennifer for the first episode of the Her Story podcast series.  

Listen to the podcast here.

During the podcast, Liz looks at:

  • Working in the world of data
  • Personal journey
  • Opportunities in Data and AI
  • Change management in an organization
  • Building confidence
  • 3 Cs of leadership
  • Work-life balance and setting boundaries

A well-regarded leader in the data industry

Liz brings a depth and breadth of experience in advising organisations on data initiatives. She supports leadership teams to develop a data strategy to generate value and, recognise and care for data as an asset to enable the delivery of their strategic goals outlined in their business strategy. Liz combines strategic, operational, digital and data experience with a solid understanding of financial oversight and risk management.

A well-regarded leader in the data industry, Liz is known for her connections and ability to analyse situations and think strategically. An ideas person and a solution provider, Liz always has an eye to the long-term. Liz is held in high-esteem by subordinates, peers and superiors for her data expertise, which includes; cross-industry and cross-sector with international experience in Europe, Asia and North America.

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