Catch Erika Osborn in Capgeminis Data & AI career podcast

Catch Erika Osborn in Capgemini's Data & AI career podcast

 January 09, 2023

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Hear from remarkable women working within Capgemini's Data and AI global practice through Her Story podcast

In Capgemini's podcast series, women share their perspectives on how the business landscape has evolved throughout their careers, their advice for Data and AI professionals to establish themselves as experts, and what motivates them to work in Data and AI.  

One podcast guest is Erika Osborn, who is part of Capgemini's Global OUTfront community, the company's LGBT+ Network.

In conversation with Breanna, Head of Change & Culture at Capgemini, Erika talks about her dynamic and innovative journey as a Solution Architect, Data & AI in Australia.

Passionate about problem-solving

Erika is passionate about problem-solving and coding and loves the challenges that come her way as a part of her job. While grabbing every chance to get hands-on experience and discovering ways to contribute outside her regular skillset, Erika has made a transition in her career from being a Mechatronics undergrad to a Solution Architect.  

Being yourself at work

In the podcast episode, Erika discusses the power that comes with being yourself at work. Erica covers the topics:

  • Starting work after undergrads
  • Being a good leader
  • Coming out as a transgender
  • Work-life balance and building trust within teams
  • Skills for building a career in Data and AI

Listen to the full episode.

An experience shared is an experience lived

The Her Story podcast series brings you inspiring stories from some of the remarkable women at Capgemini's Data and AI global practice. It aims to encourage people on their career journey to carve their own path by showing that challenges are real, and so are opportunities! 

Each of these real stories feature wins and challenges, intense moments, and displays of vulnerabilities that encourage you to take the plunge. They illustrate how diverse teams lead to a more inclusive tech design, drive fairness in AI systems, and reduce algorithmic biases. Their insights reinforce our will to progress and to demonstrate key skills to be a successful leader. 

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