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Meet DHL Sustainability Manager Ria Harris

Meet DHL Sustainability Manager Ria Harris

 January 03, 2023

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Everything that DHL does follows one guiding principle, Connecting People, Improving Lives. DHL's sense of responsibility and values helps the company to create long-term benefits for its customers, colleagues and the communities that it reaches.

DHL colleagues are at the heart of what the company does, and they excel in their daily roles to teach and live best practices.

DHL Sustainability Manager, Ria Harris, is leading the charge when it comes to driving the sustainability agenda. Here, Ria discusses her time working with DHL and how, through her career, she can focus on her passion.

Opportunities for learning with DHL

Having studied Supply Chain Management as part of her degree, Ria knew that she wanted to work for a world-class logistics provider that operated in lots of Industries and sectors. Eventually, Ria knew she would always try and get back into the green supply chain and reverse logistics.

"But first I wanted to learn how everything worked. So I couldn't wait to get a pair of steel toe cap boots and hi-vis on and get into the operations," says Ria.

A career focusing on her passion for sustainability

Throughout Ria's time with DHL, she has worked in the company's DHL Global Forwarding (DGF) Division, before moving across into DHL Supply Chain, where she's held operational roles, account development roles, sales roles, before moving into a sustainability role.

"Having that ability to move around DHL, look at all the different sorts of things we do, the different customers that we've got in place and the investment that DHL has made in me in terms of my training, I just feel that they've really helped me nurture my career and enabled me to make those moves around the business, so that now I can really focus on what my passion is in terms of driving the sustainability agenda," explains Ria.

"Long may it continue. A really exciting place to be," Ria concludes.

As the world’s leading logistics company, DHL has a responsibility to set an example in its industry and be a sustainability leader. That means reducing its carbon footprint and setting the highest social and governance standards. Over the years, DHL has repeatedly redefined logistics, from pioneering the first green logistics product to becoming the first logistics company to commit to a zero-emissions target. The company offers the most comprehensive portfolio of green logistics solutions in the industry.

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