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DHL CIO Enna Zarate is very proud to work in logistics

DHL CIO Enna Zarate is very proud to work in logistics

 January 17, 2023

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Enna Zarate is Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the DHL Express U.S. and has been working with DHL for almost a decade. Here, Enna highlights what it's like being a woman working in logistics.

Coming form Mexico to the United States

"I am Mexican, very proud of and also very proud to be a woman in logistics. Because we are neighbors, coming from Mexico to the U.S. seems like it's very simple. Iy was not about the gender, I think that it was more of the heritage," explains Enna.  

Learning from different nationalities

"I have been visiting the U.S. all my life but when you arrive and start living here, and you start working here 100 per cent, with all the diversity of the people around you, then it's not just learning about one American culture it's also trying to understand and respect the heritage of the people that you have around you."

Enna has more than 15 different nationalities in her team in U.S. "That's a really great thing because you learn from everyone and everyone is helping you. However, on the other side you also have the challenge about learning and respecting all of them, being empathic about the different cultures they have behind them. In other words it makes them who they are and how they work. I have people from Trinidad and Vietnam. That's the type of thing that I would never have the opportunity with in Mexico, to really be more close with them like I am right now in the U.S."

Breaking the glass ceiling

"More girls are starting programming now, and this is how we really break the glass ceiling in order for the women that we already have to keep on growing through more leadership executive levels," shares Enna.

Providing tips on being a woman in logistics, Enna suggests: "Don't lose yourself, be yourself, you're coming from the best place of your heart, so keep doing that. People need to know who you are and understand and respect that. It won't make you be less assertive or less executive than others just because you are talking with your heart. I tell women not to worry, as nothing is going to happen."

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