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DHL celebrates diversity and collaboration, says Aiy Tser

DHL celebrates diversity and collaboration, says Aiy Tser

 January 18, 2023

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 Aiy Tser is a Gateway Operations Manager for DHL Express Malaysia, and likens raising three children to be as challenging as managing a big group in operations. Aiy acknowledges DHL for understanding a new mother's needs. 

Making time to do what you love

Sharing her individual take on what life is like for women in logistics, Aiy says: "I learned to manage my stress so that it will not affect my professional and personal life. So I need to manage well my time, my health, and my wealth. Also making some time for yourself to do the things that you love. I will have a nice massage or spa to pamper myself - this is the secret to maintaining your work-life balance."

Big career moves 

Aiy took a big move from individual contributor to be a people leader. "I joined DHL as Operation Performance Analyst and I took the challenge to be an Operation's Manager who needs to manage a big group with more than 50 individuals. I feel the happiest not when I succeed in my current role. For me, I feel the most successful and happy to see my people and make them successful in their role. One of my staff members won Employee of the Year last year. On the day he found out, he messaged me and thanked me."

Celebration, collaboration and diversity  

Aiy highlights that she is fortunate to work in a company that always celebrates collaboration with focus on diversity.

"I'm so glad to work with the talented people in DHL that helped me grow a lot. I do believe that if we treat people with sincerity and honestly then we will get the respect from them one day," says Aiy. 

DHL celebrates diversity and collaboration 

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